Nnamdi Kanu Has Violated Bail Conditions; Why Northern Youth Leaders Have Not Been Arrested

The minister of Interior, Lt-Gen Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau (retd), has accused, Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra
(IPOB), of violating the bail conditions given to him by a federal high court in Abuja.
During a press conference held in his office in abuja yesterday, Dambazau, said:”Nnamdi Kanu violated his bail conditions but it is not the right time for him to go back to the court on trial.
We have this assumption, but i think it is left for the court that gave those conditions to determine whether those conditions have been violated or not.
However, the general public knows those conditions given have been violated.
He went further to say, the police wouldn’t go after kanu to arrest him on the ground that he violated the bail conditions. Only the court will determine his fate because it is the court that gave those bail conditions.
Dambazau also spoke on why the leaders of the coalition of northern youth groups behind the quit order given to the Igbo’s in the northern part of the country, haven’t been arrested.
According to him, ”I am very much aware that the DSS invited all of them, and a meeting was held with them as regarding the statement made by them. They said what was reported by the media was not what they said.
They further wrote to the Acting President indicating that they didn’t make inciting statement as to the issue of violence or forceful ejection of the Igbo’s  in the North.”

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