FaceBook And Google Loses $123 Million To Lithuanian Scammer

The court of Appeal of Lithuania has decided to extradite,  Evaldas Rimasauskas, the United States Lithuanian scam artist who conned $123 million out of Facebook and Google by sending fake emails.
In a press released on Friday by the court, ”if the damage was done to the companies registered in the United States, it becomes the ground for the extradition of Rimasauskas.”
The office of the U.S. Attorney for Southern District of New York, accused Rimasauskas of wiring transfer fraud, aggravated identity, theft and money laundering. The decision to extradite the scammer was retracted.
Rimasauskas who posed as an Asian computer hardware manufacturer, persuade Google and Facebook to accept fraudulent invoices and transfer funds to the company established under the same name in Latvia.
Rimasauskas is suspected to have conned 23 million dollars from Google and 100 million dollars from Facebook.The funds were transferred to the latter company’s accounts in banks Cyprus and Latvia.
He was detained in Lithuania on March 16.
On April 18, the prosecutor General’s office of Lithuania received the U.S.
Justice Department’s request to extradite him .
Rimasauskas has however denied the charges.

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