Illegal Recruitment In 183 Federal Ministries And Agencies

It was gathered on Saturday , that almost all Federal Ministries,Departments and Agencies have been carrying out illegal mass recruitment’s.
Many quangos including the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, the Federal Inland Revenue Service, and the Nigerian Prisons Service, among others have been dogged by recruitment scandals which they have swith denied.
Following a review carried out by the Ministry of Finance, 183 out of 185 MDAs had recruited 13,780 staff in recent years.
The Nigeria Police Force and the Nigerian Army were the only agencies that sought approval for their recruitment out of 185 agencies.
Before the departure of President Muhammadu Buhari to the United State for Medical Treatment a report prepared by
the panel was forwarded to him asking that the MDAs be ordered to follow due procedure.
However, It was gathered that the President had ordered the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation to carry out an investigation, and also restraining recruitment without approval.
An officials involved in the recruitment said, under the blag of replacing workers who had resigned or had been fired the 183 agencies carried out mass recruitment without following procedure.
An official whose name is withheld told the the press that,  “The worst culprits are universities, hospitals and the Nigerian Prisons Service. A University in Nasarawa recruited 800 people without due process while another hospital hired 200 without approval.
It is belived that illegal hiring makes it difficult to sanitise the payroll and control personnel cost.
A senior government official said a lot of nepotism was involved and added that the illegal recruitment was one of the reasons there were regional imbalances in employment of civil servants.
Despite the investigation and restraining ordered by Buhari, it was also gathered that the President approved that the Budget Office should be more involved in recruiting people to work in the civil service.
The source added, “The SGF and the Head of Civil Service were told to issue circulars on recruitment. The minister of finance also recommended that the procedure should be amended to require a clearance letter from the Director General of the Budget Office to confirm budgetary provision for any planned recruitment.”

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