White Man Plays Along With “A Yahoo Boy”. What Happened Next Is Surprising!

This guy decided to play along with an ‘Internet scammer’. He couldn’t have predicted where it would lead him….

A white man narrates his experience with a Liberian man he believed to be an internet fraudster otherwise known as Yahoo Boy. But the twist of event as they unfolded is something he never expected!

“A couple of months ago, I got a message on Facebook from a guy named Joe in Liberia. He said he was in need of some financial assistance, he asked me to send him some premium electronics. He said he would sell them. He said he will sell them at the Liberian market and then split the profit with me….

I figured out that this was one of those African internet scams, but I decided to play along and see where it led me….

I told him I didn’t have any electronics to send but that I did have a business proposition, if he’s interested. I told him I’m into photography business. I told him that if he can take pictures of where he lives and send them to me, I will pay him for the ones I like. He agreed …

Watch the video here to see all that happened and see reactions…

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