Almiron compared to Real Madrid star Bale as Newcastle told to expect big things from £20m record signing

Atlanta United president Darren Eales believes the Paraguay international boasts a similar skill set to a Blancos forward and will thrive in England.

Eales told The Mirror of Almiron ahead of a potential Newcastle debut against Wolves on Monday: “He’s an unbelievable person as a character. He smiles all the time. From that perspective of engaging with the fans, he was an instant fan favourite because of his demeanour.

“In terms of his playing on the pitch, he is non-stop, perpetual motion. He is faster with the ball than without it. He reminds me very much of Gareth Bale that way.

“When Gareth picked the ball up, he always seemed to be quicker when he had the ball and Miggy is like that with his pace.

“But the big thing for him and why I think he is really suited for the Premier League is, yes he is a brilliantly exciting attacking player, particularly in transition but he works really hard in defending.

“For us as a club, to have our star player be the first person tackling back, and run 60 yards back to nick it out of touch, was great.

“So, going to Newcastle – and this was the chat we had – he is going to fit in straight away because Newcastle fans want a player who is going to wear his heart on his sleeve, and who is there doing the dirty stuff just as much as the attacking stuff.

“In Miggy, they get the best of both. They get a hard-working guy who’s going to be spending every bit of energy he’s got for the fans but he’s also got that touch of class where he’s going to take your breath away as he carries the ball.

“I think he’s going to be really successful.”

Eales is convinced that Newcastle will get value for money from Almiron despite having to make him the costliest purchase in the club’s history.

He added: “We were always pretty firm about the figure we wanted. We knew there was an interest at that level but I’d say I was sceptical, given his track record, that we would get to a figure that was acceptable.

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