‘Man Utd should never have got rid of Moyes’ – Club legend questions manager calls

Peter Schmeichel believes the man chosen to succeed Sir Alex Ferguson should have been given more time after enduring a tough start to his reign.

The iconic goalkeeper, who also feels Mourinho should have been landed sooner, told beIN Sports: “If we should have any regrets as Manchester United, that is that we only gave David Moyes seven months.

“I think we should have given him more time, accepted that results weren’t going to be the way we hoped they would be and that playing would be a little bit different.

“I believe he would have grown into that role. He has the personality and he had so many things he needed to learn and he didn’t have anybody to learn them from.

“He was left to run the football department on his own. I think that really would have helped him [keeping Mike Phelan], had he had someone with that kind of experience.

“But I also understand where he’s coming from. He did think that he brought that experience with Phil Neville so he had someone there.

“I don’t think he wanted someone there who had worked with Sir Alex. I can understand that, but maybe when you look back maybe that was a mistake.

“But from the club’s perspective we should never, ever have dismissed him.

“That left us into making rash decisions, so we bring in a name and that went completely wrong.

“Had we brought in Mourinho instead of Louis van Gaal, I’m sure history would have told that it would have been better.

“It would have been so much better for him to come in at that point rather than after Van Gaal. There were too many things that happened, too many players brought in that didn’t suit him and possibly didn’t suit Man United as well.

“But we go back and look at our history, we look at the number of years from Sir Matt [Busby] stopping and retiring in the 70s and all the way to ‘86.

“It still took Fergie from ‘86 to ‘93 to seal the first championship so United is the kind of club that will always bounce back. This time we just hope it’s a little bit quicker.”

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