Bobby Burnette Built A Village In Haiti, Gave For Free To Haitians

Missionary Bobby Burnette had a vision from God. It was several years ago, while walking on the undeveloped land in Fond Parisien, Haiti that had been donated to Love A Child.

At the time, he was praying to God for guidance. The Love A Child ministry had been given a huge parcel of land, but how were they to use it to best serve God’s kingdom? Looking over the many acres of scrub, he suddenly had a vision of hundreds of brightly colored houses. He saw beautiful homes on streets lined with lush gardens.

Bobby was confused. He guessed that God was instructing him to build houses, but he had no idea where he was to find the people to live in them! All those years he waited, confident that God would eventually provide the answer.

The earthquake in 2010 left thousands of families
without homes.
Makeshift shacks made of debris and scraps of fabric were cobbled together in every available open space: along roads, in ditches, and even on the grounds of the demolished Presidential Palace. People were desperate for shelter; they literally had nowhere to go. Love A Child took in as many people as they could assist, filling every building in its compound with injured victims. After serving as a massive field hospital for several months, Love A Child agreed to clear 62 acres of land for the American Refugee Committee (ARC) to build a large “tent city.” Camp Hope, as it became known, was an immediate solution to a pressing problem. The tents provided shelter for people displaced by the earthquake, but conditions were far from ideal. People needed permanent housing – a place to rebuild their lives and re-imagine their futures.

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