World’s Highest Traffic Jam: 11 Climbers Died On Mount Everest In One Week

The death toll from a traffic jam of climbers on Mount Everest in the Himalayas, the world’s highest summit, has risen to 10, officials said on Saturday, as a record number of people tried to use a brief window of good weather to make it to the top.

The death toll for the 2019 climbing season on the 29,000-foot mountain currently stands at 17 over all, according to government tallies, the worst in decades, excluding major natural disasters such as avalanches and earthquakes.

Climbers waiting in queues while climbing are sucking up mountaineers’ limited oxygen supply and exposing them to the harsher winds for longer.

A line of climbers at 150metres away from the summit waiting to reach the summit of Mount Everest on Wednesday.

The lines appear to have contributed to several deaths.

The latest casualty on the mountain was identified as Robin Haynes Fisher, 44, of Britain, who died Saturday morning at about 28,215 feet, the authorities said.

Nepal’s tourism ministry issued permits to a record 381 climbers this season, each at a cost of about $11,000(about ₦4million)

In 2018, 346 permits were granted.

An Australian climber is fighting for life after he was found unconscious on Mount Everest around 7000ft where ten climbers have died in nine days.

Four crew members from the Tibet Himalaya Expedition Company brought the unidentified man down part of the mountain Wednesday evening.

Elia Saikaly posted this picture he took while he was on the treacherous mountain on Thursday, a dead body can be seen still tethered dangling from the mountain.

Mr Sakaily wrote: ‘This poor human being perched 7000ft above.’

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