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Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 11, 2018


Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the British Throne and the future King of England is a motorhead that has over a hundred cars in the Royal garage.

The Environmentalist has revealed in a BBC documentary celebrating his 70th birthday how he forced
Aston Martin’s Engineers to find an alternative and environmentally friendly option than petrol to power his gas-guzzler classic Aston Martin DB6 Volante.

The Prince’s 21st birthday gift from his 92 year old mother, Queen Elizabeth II now runs entirely on surplus English wine .

Prince Charles said:

“They discovered they could run it on surplus English white wine, but also I hadn’t realised that they had mixed whey into it too”

“The engineers at Aston said, ‘Oh, it’ll ruin the whole thing’.

“I said, ‘Well I won’t drive it then’, so they got on with it and now they admit that it runs better and is more powerful on that fuel than it is on petrol.

“And also, it smells delicious as you’re driving along”

His son Prince William also drove the rare blue 49 year-old Aston Martin DB6 Volante with the “JU5T WED sign on his wedding day back in 2011.

The Prince visited Nigeria last week during his royal tour of West Africa where he met the President and all the Royal Fathers .

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 5, 2018


Men from a small Zimbabwean town have reportedly pleaded with condom manufacturers to supply them with larger condoms, saying those available in local shops were “too small for them”.

According to New, men from Mpandawana Growth Point said that they were at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, as some of the condoms often burst during sex.

The country’s National Aids Council (NAC) reportedly identified Mpandawana, the largest service centre in Gutu, as a “hot spot” for new sexually transmitted diseases in Masvingo province.

In February, former health minister David Parirenyatwa challenged local manufacturers to produce condoms so as “to address concerns over the size of condoms imported from China”.

‘Too small’

Parirenyatwa urged manufacturers to produce condoms that were suitable for Zimbabwean men.

According to NewsDay, Parirenyatwa said at the time that the move would also save on foreign currency.

He said that young people in the southern African country complained about the size of the imported condoms, saying they were “too small”.

At least 109.4 million condoms were distributed across Zimbabwe in 2016 which amounted to about 33 condoms per individual for the year, a New report said.

This made Zimbabwe one of the five countries that exceeded the United Nations Population Funds regional mark of 30 male condoms per man per year, the report said.

Condoms were one of the key measures that government and development partners were using to fight the HIV and Aids prevalence

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 3, 2018

An African lady who travelled to Oman to work as a housemaid, gave birth in a toilet after being allegedly impregnated by her master’s son.

It was gathered that the lady who reportedly hails from Ethiopia was raped multiple times by her Arab master’s son at the house where she was baby sitting.

The maid reportedly got pregnant following the sexual abuse and had to conceal it out of fear until she gave birth recently in the toilet..

Her employer reportedly heard the cry of the new baby from the toilet according to Facebook user, David Sserukenya, who shared a video of the maid being interrogated while carrying her baby in the toilet.

It was also ALLEGED by David that the maid was later hung to death by her employer, as shown in another footage posted online.

Below is what he shared on Facebook;

“This girl is from Ethiopia. She went to Oman for kyeyo , she was raped by a son , in the house where she was baby sitting. She got pregnant,, had no one to tell, feared, and decided to hide the pregnancy until she gave birth . she gave birth from a toilet and they got her after hearing the baby crying from the toilet. Thy decided to hung her. (As if she forced the boy to rape her).So sad. I feel bad when I here people boasting that the government is getting a lot of money from people going to Arab countries . I want to open your eyes. THIS IS MODERN/ADVANCED SLAVERY . Let all our children come back. Hon sserukenya clear empologoma ya sabagabo.”

Akeem ReachnaijaOctober 30, 2018

A man has ended his life after his girlfriend sent him a video of her shaving sex with another man.

It was gathered that the estranged girlfriend decided to mock her boyfriend and probably provoke him by recording a sex video with another man which she sent to him (her boyfriend), not knowing it would end in a tragic way.

According to reports, the man who couldn’t bear the heartbreak following the sex video of his girlfriend, reportedly committed suicide by drinking a poisonous substance.

He was rushed to the hospital where he later died.

According to online reports, the shocking incident happened recently in Azua, a municipality in the Dominican Republic.

Pictures of the deceased and his estranged girlfriend have gone viral online with multiple internet users wondering why the lady decided to cause her lover’s death.

Akeem ReachnaijaOctober 23, 2018


A Pastor from Nkulumane suburb, Zimbabwe poisoned his two daughters before killing himself in South Africa where the family was based.

Pastor Precocious Mpofu, 36, and his daughters Shalom (11) and Panashe (7) were laid to rest at Luveve cemetery in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe on Saturday.
Mpofu allegedly forced his two daughters to drink a drainage cleaning chemical before also taking it in Yeoville suburb, Johannesburg, citing marital problems.

The deceased, who was a pastor at Prophet Blessing Chiza’s Eagle Life Assembly and his wife, Ms Chido Chipangura, had recently separated but she was still living in South Africa.

Their bodies arrived in Zimbabwe on Saturday.
Mpofu’s neighbour from South Africa who travelled to Zimbabwe for the burial described the pastor as a gentleman who was devoted to his wife and may have failed to come to terms with rejection.
“The pastor was too devoted to his wife. He loved his children and wife so much but it was embarrassing in church when rumours went around that she was having extra marital affairs.

They had since separated and we heard she had moved on but he just could not accept it,” said the neighbour who declined to be named.
Chipangura family members said they were yet to come to terms with the death of the children.
“As a family we are very sad. We have lost two children and we are still in mourning. We thank the family, friends and neighbours for their support at this time,” said a family representative who spoke to The Chronicle.

The late Pastor Mpofu allegedly left a suicide note in which he stated that he was facing a lot of problems most of them in his marriage.
He also allegedly said there were some people who were stalking him and mentioned four people together with their contact details.
Pastor Mpofu however, did not give reasons why the individuals were stalking him.

The now deceased also sent a lot of messages to his family on the fateful day although he did not mention his intentions to kill his children and commit suicide.
He however, gave a hint when he directed how his property should be shared.

The family members told The Chronicle at their family home in Nkulumane suburb last Friday that from the information they received, the tragedy could have happened on Monday, October 15, between 2PM and 4PM after Pastor Mpofu had just returned from collecting his children from school. The deceased’s father, Mr Sipho Mpofu, said:

“I am reliably informed residents at his apartment saw him carrying each of the daughters on his shoulders into their flat at around 2PM. At 2:40PM he sent his sister here in Bulawayo a WhatsApp message saying one of his daughters, Shalom, had died. Exactly 10 minutes later, he sent another message saying his second daughter had also passed on. This puzzled his sister who was trying to call him to understand what exactly he was trying to say.”

He said when she tried to text him back, messages were no longer being delivered and the sister phoned Ms Chipangura telling her to go and check on her husband as he was texting strange messages.
“Ms Chipangura dashed to the flat only to find three bodies. The kids’ bodies were neatly laid in bed between blankets while Precocious’ body was on the floor,” he said.

Akeem ReachnaijaOctober 17, 2018

‘I FELT MY BODY SNAP’ Mum, 46, left paralysed after being ‘catapulted’ from super-king bed during sex with partner sues for £1m

The mum-of-four is suing the bed suppliers after claiming the bed was in a ‘defective state’

A WOMAN who was left paralysed after being “catapulted” from her super-king bed during sex is suing the bed suppliers for £1m compensation.
Claire Busby suffered a serious spinal injury after she fell from the super king-size double divan whilst changing positions.

The 46-year-old was kneeling in the middle of the bed performing a sex act on her partner when she decided to change positions.

Claire told the High Court this is when the bed gave way and she fell off and landed on her head.

She said: “I spun around, I put my hand down and then I felt like I was catapulted off the back of the bed.

“My head hit the floor, I fell to the side and then I heard like a spring in my body snap, it felt like.”

The mum-of-four claims the bed was in a “defective state” and has taken legal action against the Berkshire Bed Company, trading as Beds Are Uzzz, which supplied it.

The supplier denies any liability for Claire’s injuries and is arguing the bed was properly assembled.

The bed was one of five that were delivered to Claire’s home in Maidenhead, Berks when she was renovating the property in August 2013, the court heard.

Claire told the court she was injured a week after the bed was delivered.

Her sister, Natalie, told the court that she went to the visit her sister after the accident and saw “two feet” were missing from the bed.

However, they pair did not discuss the matter right away because Claire was in such poor health.

She said: “Claire wasn’t in any fit state to be having a conversation, at one point she had two heart attacks in 24 hours.

“It was touch and go whether she was going to make it.”

Claire claims the divans that make up the base of the bed were never properly fastened together and the two “gliders”, or feet, were missing from the end of the bed.

She said this created a height difference between one end of the bed and another.

Her barrister Winston Hunter QC said Claire expected the mattress to support her weight, but it failed to and she continued moving “backwards and downwards”.

He told the court: “It is the claimant’s case that the point at which she left the bed is precisely the location where the different height of the two divans was at its maximum.

“It represented the area where the mattress was most likely to ‘fall away’ due to the fact that it was partially unsupported.”

Lawyers for the bed company argue the bed was properly assembled when it was delivered and even if the two feet had gone missing it still would not have caused Claire to fall off the way she said she did.

Neil Block QC, for the firm, said: “It is overwhelmingly likely that, whatever her actions, they were too close to the edge of the bed and she simply lost balance and toppled backwards.”

The hearing continues.

Akeem ReachnaijaOctober 17, 2018


​A young Muslim lady identified as Amina Hassan, has sued her dad, Alhaji Adamu Hassan for banning her from marrying her Christian boyfriend.

Amina, 20 met her suitor Christopher from the Niger Delta region last year and recently introduced him to her father who rejected the relationship.

She immediately hired a lawyer to help convince her father.

Amina and her lawyer Barrister Ado Ali appeared before a Sharia Court at Magajin Gari area of Kaduna state yesterday where her lawyer begged the court to serve as her guardian in order to allow her wedding to hold.

In his objection, Alhaji Hassan through his lawyer said the only issue he has with Christopher is that he has no regard for him.

The girl’s counsel, however, prayed the court to grant the two parties two weeks to sort things out and reach an agreement.

In his ruling the Judge Lawal Dahiru said Alhaji Hassan has every right to assess his daughter’s suitors but has no right to force anyone on her.

He thereafter adjourned the case till the 29th of October for hearing.

Akeem ReachnaijaOctober 16, 2018

A man has been heavily criticised after allegedly revealing the identity of his wife whom he recently caught committing adultery with a gym trainer.

The husband identified as Mr Eugene Desouza, was blasted for exposing his marital issue online after sharing a video where the gym instructor was assaulted, beaten and wounded for sleeping with his wife, Mrs. Desouza.

The husband posted the video of the assault online in a bid to shame the man and also posted pictures of his wife, which sparked outrage.

This happened recently in Zambia.

According to reports, the man noticed strange behaviour from his wife shortly after he introduced her to the gym. He then started trailing his wife’s movements before catching her red handed in bed with the gym instructor.

Akeem ReachnaijaSeptember 15, 2018

Covenant University Registrar, Dr. Olumuyiwa Oludayo, has been relieved of his job by the university management just after an expelled student of the school who won a court case, accused him of setting him up.

Following the scandal which has been a major topic on social media, Chancellor of Covenant University, Bishop Oyedepo who addressed students during the Thursday chapel service for 100 and 200 level students warned against having an “intimate ally”, a phrase used by the registrar in the leaked chats. He also revealed that Covenant University, currently, has no registrar.

The sack is coming just after we reported that the female students who were accused by male student Emmanuel Adooh, of making themselves available for the plan to expel him from the school before his graduation, reacted.

Akeem ReachnaijaSeptember 14, 2018

The Covenant University scandal just keeps getting messier. This time, an audio of the male Covenant University who took the institution to court and won has been released and it shows him admitting to being guilty of all the school accused him of.

Adooh Emmanuel claimed he was framed by Covenant University, CU, (read here) with the help of Omotayo Dada and Marilyn Effanga. He said the University claimed he had sex with one of the girls and as a result, they expelled him just before graduation, after he had spent 5 years in the institution. He went on to claim he was innocent and was a guy who kept all the rules of the institution and never had time for Covenant University girls.

He eventually took the University to court and emerged victorious. Afterwards, he took to Twitter to call out CU and the two ladies involved. He claimed Omotayo and Marilyn helped the school frame him up.

He later deleted his threat after Omotayo warned him to delete it because they are lies.

But Omotayo and Marilyn came out with their side of the story after Omotayo and her family began receiving threats (read here). Both Omotayo and Marilyn said Adooh had sex with Marilyn and later accused her of giving him an STI. But tests proved she was negative for any STI. The university later saw the messages on both women’s mobile devices and invited them for questioning. They said Adooh begged them to cover up for him, which they tried to do, but they were threatened with expulsion and they eventually said the truth. This led to Adooh’s expulsion.

They also revealed that they have an audio of Adooh admitting to this without knowing he was being recorded.

The audio has now been released. In it, Emmanuel is heard narrating to a friend that he indeed had sex with Marilyn and went to bed immediately afterwards. As a result, his ejaculate stuck to his skin and also to his boxers. When he woke at night to ease himself, his briefs had already stuck to his male member due to his discharge. This made him bleed when removing the underwear and he thought Marilyn had given him an STI.

He admitted to calling Marilyn to accuse her of infecting him in Dec 2017. He also said he called her friend Omotayo to complain. He said he later discovered it wasn’t an STI but it was his underwear sticking to his skin due to the dried discharge.

He further revealed that this year Marilyn got into trouble with the school and they saw the messages on her phone and also on Omotayo’s phone so the school’s SDC invited him for questioning as regards sexual immorality. He said when they showed him the chats and his photo, he denied being the Adooh in the chats and kept denying it all through. The school then called Omotayo to testify against him.

Adooh is then heard in the audio calling Omotayo names, saying:

So they come call that Tayo, that ugly bitch, that bastard, that swine…

Listen to the audio HERE.