Akeem ReachnaijaMay 26, 2018


A pop singer from Thailand suffered a major wardrobe malfunction on stage that left her privates exposed to the crowd.

Jinny Jaa, 25, was reportedly performing at a festival in Prachinburi, Thailand when her mini-dress started to ride up and it was visibly noticed she had no underwear on.

According to reports, the singer was left embarrassed when the video went viral and even had to claim that she was wearing underwear, saying the lighting made it look like she wasn’t.

Pop singer suffers major wardrobe malfunction while performing on stage without

‘There are lots of respectable figures next to the stage so if something was wrong they would definitely have said something,’ she said.

‘This was caused by the lighting and unfortunately, it has given people the the wrong idea.’

A reveller who attended the gig said the wardrobe malfunction made the performance more entertaining.

Pop singer suffers major wardrobe malfunction while performing on stage without

‘I thought the singer would notice her private parts were visible. I was surprised that nobody told her,’ they said.

‘It went on for a few minutes, I was sure at the time of what I was seeing, and when people see the video they all agree.’

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 26, 2018


Nollywood actor, Adeniyi Johnson is bereaved. His elder sister and only living sibling Aderonke Victoria Babalola has died.


Adeniyi wrote a heartfelt piece in her honour saying, ‘It’s just you and I for over 33yerars, we both have good promises for our mum, I know the struggle and pains and how hards its been, we both wanted the best out of life but why do you have to leave me all by myself at this moment? no brother no sister just me alone’,


‘I write with tears and pains, I write because I need to pour out my mind, you see us and all.. we love you and want you around for long, I knew I’ll bury you but was hoping for 60-70 more years egbon mi… I love you, we love you but God loves you more. please pray for my mum…. goodnight ADERONKE VICTORIA BABALOLA your children are in tears’ he said.

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 26, 2018


Former beauty Queen and wife of the General Overseer of the Trinity House Ministries International, Ibidun Ighodalo has once again spoken about her search for a child.


Ibidunni whose ‘IIF’ foundation recently received a humanitarian award at Runway Jazz said she was humbled to know that people took enough notice of the work of the foundation to reward it as she shares her arduous struggles to bear her own biological children.


She said, “It brings back memories of my years of trying to conceive and have kids. It was in the process of going through those times that the foundation was birthed.” From the moment the idea was conceived to the transformation of the idea to real output, Ighodalo acknowledged that she required a good deal of efforts to deal with various challenges.


She added that, “I thank God first because without Him none of these would be possible. Special mention must be made of the good people who have donated immensely to the foundation. It’s amazing how people have supported the foundation. To the couple who celebrated their wedding anniversary, this award is for them as well because they donated towards IVF treatment for 20 couples. I am also indebted to my humble friends Tonye Cole, Mrs Titi Adenuga and Pastor Mattew Ashimolowo who were at the Parents-in-Waiting Conference and donated funds for treatment of couples. To my Instagram followers who have donated immensely to the foundation, this award is for all of you and I pray that the Lord will answer every prayer in your heart and put smile on your faces. To my special administrator, Dayo Richard who has poured herself into this task and finally to our partner hospitals who have bent over backwards to be a part of this journey of putting smiles on the faces of our couples, God bless you all. May you never experience barrenness.”


Recognizing that she could not have done it alone, she praised the efforts of her team. “I dedicate the award to God who has blessed us with children in the foundation. To all the families who are still expecting their bundles of joy, to the families who have received theirs and to everyone helping the foundation and donating from every part of the world and everyone working for the foundation, without their support, the IIF couldn’t have made it.”


The recognition award was handed over to her by the wife of the Vice President, Dolapo Osinbajo at the Convention Centre of the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos. Among other interests, Ighodalo has become one of the most recognizable transmitters of charity, which includes, but is not limited to an orphanage.  Grateful for the first accolade for the IIF and coming from an unexpected quarter.

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 26, 2018


Media personality, Toke Makinwa says during her struggle with fibroid, she removed 12 of them from her womb.


Toke made the revelation as she talked about how scared some people might be of going under the knife but advised them to brave up.


According to her, ‘12 was the number of Fibroids I had taken out of me on the 3rd of April. Since I opened up about my surgery I have had so many people reach out to me with various questions, I have also read from so many people who have gone through the same procedure. It’s such a crazy experience, I don’t wish it on anyone. My road to recovery has been one of grace and I’m thankful for it all. God has really just done the most’.

Thank you all for the prayers, the lovely messages, they kept me going. I know a lot of people are scared of surgery and most importantly scared of getting surgery of any kind done back home in Nigeria. I was one of them, It took me years to brave up, I managed and managed and things were not getting better, I’ll meet with my doctor, schedule an appointment and run away.


Please note, not all cases of fibroids require surgery, it’s quite popular among black women and if it doesn’t bother you, if it’s not obstructing anything pls don’t go the surgery route. I’m not a doctor, I only share my experience to help anyone out there dealing with it, first thing is to see your doctor, I’ve been asked questions like is it safe? It is only God that can guarantee our safety, but the good people at South Shore Women’s clinic where I got my surgery done did an excellent job.


Dr Alabi and his team were not only safe, the after care I received was amazing too. I have decided to support one lucky female dealing with this ailment, I wish I could do more but I’m comforted knowing there will be #1lesswoman dealing with issues of fibroids so if you know anyone who desperately needs the surgery and for some reason can not afford to get it done, pls send us an email -Tokemakinwa@gmail.com

I believe that there is good even in negative situations, find the light and live it.

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 25, 2018


Veteran Hollywood actor, Morgan Freeman has reacted to reports of sexual harassment by multiple women.


In an exclusive report by CNN that made the 80-year old actor the latest in the long line of popular men who have been accused in the wake of the #MeToo movement, the woman accused the actor of inappropriate behavior and harassment.


The allegations surfaced in a report from CNN, with eight individuals telling the network that they were victims of harassment and inappropriate behavior by Freeman. Sixteen people in total spoke to CNN about the actor’s alleged behavior as part of the investigation.


Shortly after the story was published, Freeman released a statement in which he said,

“Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I am not someone who would intentionally offend or knowingly make anyone feel uneasy. I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected that was never my intent.”

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 25, 2018


Veteran rapper, Snoop Dogg, has blasted Kim Kardashian again over her husband Kanye West‘s West’s Twitter outbursts.

The 46-year-old rapper who on Thursday featured in an interview on The View, claims Kanye is ‘missing a black woman in his life’ to keep him out of trouble.

When asked for his thoughts on West’s recent controversial ‘slavery was a choice’ comments, Snoop quickly told the co-hosts: ‘I thought he needed some medical attention, first and foremost.

 Snoop Dogg takes a swipe at Kim Kardashian again, says Kanye West

‘I started feeling sad for him. He truly misses his mother, he truly misses a black woman in his life.

‘He truly misses the stability of having somebody telling him when he’s wrong and correcting him and checking him as opposed to allowing him to continue to do what he’s been doing.

And that to me is something that he needs – he needs help – he’s crying out for help, so instead of me bashing him, we trying to help him now’ the ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot‘ hitmaker concluded.

 Snoop Dogg takes a swipe at Kim Kardashian again, says Kanye West

This comes just weeks after Snoop had a radio interview with Revolt TV’s The Breakfast, and said he believes any men entering the Kardashian family with their minds straight come out of it worse-off.

‘If you look at the people that went into that house with their minds straight, Lamar Odom, Kanye West, Rob Kardashian… I’m just saying, but the women are on point, million dollar deals, walking the runway, selling makeup, emojis.’