Akeem ReachnaijaDecember 5, 2018

Newly wedded son of the reknown Christian Film maker – Damilola Mike-Bamiloye has revealed that, his new wife Emmanuella had first sent a message to him 3 years ago on Facebook while she was a final year student at the university of Ibadan. A message the graduate of Bowen University claimed he had ignored. Forwarded to 3 years, the duo ended up walking the aisle together few weeks ago.

Message Emmanuella had sent to Damilola 3 years ago.

Damilola who revealed this via his Instagram handle

3 years ago my wife sent me a message of Facebook, but she got no reply because I ignored it. She was disappointed on her heart. She prayed to be a part of God’s move. God saw her heart, travelled to the future and Brought her to my present

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 20, 2018

A former politician and senator who married a younger wife some months ago has died leaving the woman devastated.

Late senator of the second republic and prominent lawyer, Sen. Cyrus Nunyieh, has been laid to rest after his death in August 2018.
The 88-year-old lawmaker who was the first and oldest lawyer of Ogoni extraction, was buried on Saturday, November 17th at his hometown in Khana Local Government Area of Rivers state with lots of dignitaries and politicians in attendance.

Sen. Cyrus Nunyieh made headlines after getting married to his younger heartthrob, Miss Ijeoma (said to be in her 40’s) in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state capital in October 2017.
He died barely one year after getting married.
Cyrus Nunieh, said he decided to marry another wife because he was alone and needed a companion after his wife’s death in 1991.

Nunieh pointed out that his children were all adults, who had ventured into various business of their own, adding that he could no longer cope with loneliness.
He described his new wife, Rosemary, as an intelligent woman, who would always be there for him and share ideas with him.

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 19, 2018

Nigerian identical twins identified as Tongha Martha and Priscilla Tongha Mberekpe, who are pregnant with identical twins have shared their maternity photos.

One of the Nigerian identical twins who shared the maternity photos wrote;

This is coming few days after we shared maternity photos of 3 biological Nigerian sisters who got pregnant at same time.

The sisters, Ogechi, Chika and Onyee, are expecting mothers and decided to document the wonderful journey of them planning to become mothers at the same time. They are reportedly expecting 4 babies.

One of the pregnant sisters, Chika who shared the photos on Instagram wrote;

If you know me, you know I love my sisters to the next universe and back. I’ve literally shared everything with them (clothes, teachers, parents, food etc) I’m now sharing this crazy journey to motherhood. Gods timing is just miraculous. I could not have dreamt it like this.

Onyee wrote;

To have sisters that laugh with you, cry with you, even fight with you is truly a blessing… but to have sisters that go on the best journey in life with you – being a mother – is just EVERYTHING!!!

Ogechi wrote;

I’ve shared my entire life with you both. I wouldn’t want to start this part of my life any other way. God knew what he was doing when he gave me sisters. I’d be dead without them or at least my hair would look a mess.

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 16, 2018


A couple, Erin Smith, 38 and Alex Barker, 45, who cannot smile because of a rare condition have fallen in love.

The newly engaged couple is suffering from the rare condition called Moebius syndrome, which causes paralysis of the cranial nerves, meaning sufferers cannot make any facial expressions.

Ironically, the disease brought Mr Barker, from Coventry and Ms Smith, from North Carolina, together, reports Metro UK.

The couple found love after meeting on a social media site for people with Moebius syndrome, and after just four dates, they got engaged.

Ms Smith said, “At first, I would never have thought that I would ever fall in love with someone that was born with the same thing I was.

“But I mean it’s not just the Moebius, we have a lot of other things in common too. It is so nice to have someone that understands me for me. I love his British accent. It makes me melt. It does. It just gives me chills.”

The couple, whose speech is also affected, have to be creative when expressing their feelings due to the fact they’re unable to smile.

Mr Barker added: “I can tell when Erin is happy because she always puts her head on one side and goes “ooh,” and I think although we can’t show facial expression, we know each other’s mannerisms, so when we’re upset or when we’re frustrated or whatever, there is a lot of nonverbal communication that goes on.

“I think the eyes tell a lot too. Not just Alex, but my family and friends have always said that they can look in my eyes and I smile with my eyes, they know I am happy.”