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Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 15, 2019


Ex-BBNaija housemate, Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra known as Alex Unsual got robbed yesterday with her friend as valuables were taken.

Alex’s car side mirror was destroyed which the robbers used to pave away into the car.

See photo..


She wrote:
“Was robbed yesterday alongside @princessdaprada, a lot lost but more to gain in the future as life goes on

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 15, 2019


A lady took to Twitter to rant over the called off engagement of her cousin, to a lady he was paying N80k monthly in their relationship of two years.

According to @anwurichi, the lady claimed not to love her cousin enough but was only interested in the gifts and monthly allowances hence her decision to call off the engagement after postponing their wedding for some time..

Read her narration below:

I am pained😭😭😭So my cousin’s fiancee just broke off their engagement👇👇They met in 2017 she works for a firm where she earns 80k, my cousin being all lovina decided to be paying her 80k per month so she doesn’t spend her salary rather she spends the one he sends to her.

Aunty was forming all loving, feigning love, for 2 years, my cousin finally proposed last month aunty accepted ring in public and before family, fast forward to this morning aunty said she can’t marry my cousin anymore because she never loved him.

Aunty said she was only interested in the extra salary and gifts my cousin was showering she, her family and friends, she never lacked anything so she was over comfortable, that truth is she has fallen in love with another gentleman last year October

Asked why she didn’t say anything since October aunty said she didn’t want to hurt my cousin, why then wait till after you collected ring and accepted to marry him aunty said she thought my cousin wasn’t serious.

My cousin was ready to marry her 4months after they met aunty kept postponing it saying she ain’t ready, now my cousin is heart broken, disappointed and angry, he has sworn never to treat a lady like a queen again

My question is what exactly is wrong with we WOMEN, how do you treat someone who treats you like a queen like trash? Na wa o if ever I had or have who treated me and my family like heaven I did lick the very floor he steps on, lass lass some women are scum

Sometimes what we call disappointment is actually a blessing. Imagine your cousin marrying such a girl that only loved him for what he had to offer only. He should move on. A broken engagement is better than a broken marriage.

It’s painful tho….. Some women don’t deserve good things at all but I’m glad this happened now, but now than later… A broken engagement is far better than a broken marriage, God delivered your cousin from making a dangerous mistake…karma doesn’t sleep, she’ll pay for it

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 14, 2019


A Nigerian medical doctor, Dr. Ayeni has narrated how his father scammed him of a sum of N150,000.

According to the man, his father called him on phone and claimed that he needed some money to repair the roof of his house which was damaged by rain.

After sending the money, he found that it was a lie and that the roof had been in a perfect condition.

He wrote:

“My dad once called me & told me that rain has removed the roof of our house & he needs 150k to fix it ASAP. I quickly sent it. I only realised later that it was a lie & when I confronted him, he said, “You think all those lies you told when you were in sch, we didn’t know?”


Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 13, 2019


A young hawker with an amazing voice, has gone viral with his beautiful rendition of Tope Alabi’s ‘You are worthy’ hit.

The hawker came through on the song while peeling an orange for a prospective customer, and the viral video has already gotten the attention of the gospel singer.

Tope Alabi wrote as she shared the video;

Wow, this is awesome. May God direct your part to greatness in Jesus mighty name.


Watch Video Below:


Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 13, 2019


Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and PDP’s presidential aspirant in 2019 Presidential election has condemned the alleged killing of Pa Reuben Fasoranti’s daughter by herdsmen.

Atiku, who reacted via his Twitter handle, called on the security operatives to initiate a speedy and thorough investigation to bring her killers to book, and stem the epidemic of insecurity in the land.

He wrote:

“I condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the killing of Mrs. Funke Olakunrin, daughter of Chief Reuben Fasoranti, the Chairman of Afenifere. This is one death too many.

“I call on the security services to initiate speedy and thorough investigations to bring her killers to book and stem the epidemic of insecurity in our land. My prayers and deep compassion go to Chief Reuben Fasoranti, his family and the entire membership of Afenifere.

“My family and I stand shoulder to shoulder with you at this trying time, even as we pray for the repose of Mrs. Funke Olakunrin’s soul. Peace must return to Nigeria, by every means possible. Enough of this. Enough of this! -AA

It’s also reported that President Mohammed Buari has ordered security operatives to look into the matter.

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 12, 2019



Big Brother Nigeria, a.k.a. BB Naija, is currently making waves in Nigeria. The reality show has featured extremely romantic scenes among the inmates in its 2019 version.

But the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) is furious. The Islamic human rights organization has kicked against the project which it labels as immoral, dangerous and Bohemian. The group’s objection was revealed in a press statement made available to the media by its Founder and Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola, on Friday, 12th July, 2019.

“We are being forcibly dragged to a world of nudity, shamelessness and open promiscuity. Inmates of BBNaija kiss, romance and engage in sex openly. BBNaija is Bohemian, anti-social, crude and immoral. It constitutes a potent danger to every home. BBNaija is Satanic. It is unacceptable.

“Where are our norms and values? Is it part of African culture to engage in sex in the open? Where are the authorities? Is the Ministry of Information and Culture sleeping? Is the National Orientation Agency on sabbatical? Who will protect our children from this despicable onslaught? Who did this to Nigeria?

“This reality show is dragging our children into a life of moral debauchery. It is robbing them of the last vestiges of honour. It is deleting the word ‘shame’ from their vocabulary. BB Naija has alienated our youth from the elders. A yawning lacuna now exists between the young and the old. Irreversible social crisis looms.

“We must see those who woo our young ones with humongous amounts of money, big cars and palatial buildings as those bent on destroying industry, diligence and integrity particularly among the youth. Nothing destroys a nation faster than materialism. The daughters of Jezebel are here already. Unless the authorities move with the speed of lightning, human dignity in Nigeria is going, going, going!

“Or do we not realize that for every single BB Naija inmate who wins big amount of money and a car, more than 50 million young people are misled? Qur’an 30:41 says, ‘Evil has appeared on both land and sea as a result of the handiworks of men…’ The Bible in Ephesians 4:19 was also describing these people when it says, ‘Having lost all sensitivity, they have given themselves over to sensuality so as to indulge in every kind of impurity, with a continual lust for more.’

“Already, the desperate quest for wealth by all means has gripped Nigerian youth like hay fever. It has railroaded them into Yahoo Yahoo, ritual killings and a museum mentality for the collection of female panties. Where exactly are we going?

“This development calls for serious concern and we are deeply concerned because we are the Muslim Rights Concern. Our hearts bleed in MURIC. This is the kind of evil that Muslim and Christian leaders should unite to fight with all their strength instead of dissipating their energy on a phantom Islamisation, a mirage called Fulanisation, Maradonic religiousity and gymnastic spirituality.

“We can put an end to this anomaly called BB Naija if Christians and Muslims bury the hatchet and come together to fight evil. Home is home. Moral debauchery knows no religion. The destructive influence of television shows like BB Naija penetrates both Christian and Muslim homes.

“Ditto for the custodians of our culture and tradition. Our traditional rulers ignore a program like this which has all the potentials to diminish the dignity of our culture. They are fighting over who should be chairman of the Council of traditional rulers. They want to be the King of kings and rivals of the Supreme Creator. Who placed a curse on Nigeria?

“Homo sapiens may not respect a single snake when they see one. But can anyone wait to see what follows if the cobra leads and it is faithfully followed by the python, the black mamba, rattle snake, garter snake and the anaconda? So what do you think will happen if our traditional rulers from the East, West and North march on Aso Rock to demand the immediate halt of this horrible show?

“To cap the edifice, MURIC calls for immediate and total ban on this satanic television show. We charge the Ministry of Information and Culture to move swiftly against BB Naija before moral debauchery becomes Nigeria’s middle name. Nigerian youth must be protected from themselves and the time to do so is now. We invite the National Assembly to intervene immediately and we appeal to traditional rulers to add their voices to this campaign.”

Professor Ishaq Akintola,
Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 12, 2019


Nigerians on social media have been left divided over a video which shows Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy saying that “husband means master”, and “not the male partner in a marriage” as widely held today.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome made this known while giving a sermon to his congregation on marriage. The clergyman warned wives against opposing their husband in public, which he says is a sign that they do not recognize the anointing of God’s spirit.

“Do you know the meaning of husband?”, he asked.

“I think some of you don’t know. You think husband means the male partner in a marriage.

Chris Oyakhilome went on to define what husband truly means, which made his congregation give a loud cheer in approval of his words.

“Husband does not mean the male partner in a marriage. Husband means master. That’s what it means, not the male partner in a marriage”.

He added that the failure to acknowledge the role of the husband is “the reason there are problems among Christians in their marriage”.

“Marriage in Christianity for most people is just a flop. Why? Because they don’t agree with God’s definition, they have theirs. They believe they are equal partners”.

He went on to give an instance of how the position of a husband is disregarded today.

“Listen to two people that have just gotten married. A lot of times, it’s the woman that speaks first”.

He continued by revealing the reason why God made woman.

“If you want to live according to the Bible, according to the scriptures, then understand what the word says. The reason God made woman was because of man. He made the woman because of the man, that’s why he made the woman. So, woman was not his original idea”, he said.

Speaking on the biggest problem women have today in regards to marriage, the clergy man said:

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“If most women had their father bold enough to talk to them, they’ll be very successful in their marriage and they’ll be very happy people. Most women have never been taught by their parents, their fathers particularly. That’s their biggest problem. They don’t know who a man is. They think he’s another woman. You see, in a marriage you have the man who is the head of that union. And because he’s the head of that union, it is important to understand him. Now, you think “he’s the one that needs to understand his wife”. That is where you are wrong. He will, but until you know who you have married”.

The sermon which was applauded by some social media users was however labeled as archaic by some who questioned why his own marriage ended in divorce.

Watch the videos below;

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 12, 2019


Controversial Ghanaian counselor, Charlotte Oduro has caused a stir on social media, as regard her statement that women who bleach, enhance their body parts won’t last in any marriage.

During one of her counseling session, the relationship counselor, stated that such acts come as a result of low self-esteem.

According to her;

I am surprised they don’t believe in themselves…I am surprised people cannot be proud of themselves. That is why they go for injections for breast and for back because they want to get shape. Any man that goes for a woman who has gone for injections for breast and back five years to come that thing will reduce.

“It is not you so if the man does not want you as you are you let him go. We should not add things to ourselves just because the man want it. I want you to bleach, I want you to be fair but when you saw me I wasn’t fair and now you want me to be fair…go and get fair ladies and leave me alone”, she advised.”

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 12, 2019


Founder and leader of popular Nigerian church, Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has addressed a sensitive topic while preaching and his stance on the topic has had some Nigerians enraged.

The pastor was heard saying “Woman was not God’s original idea” and Nigerians – especially feminists – are furious.

This is the era when feminism has dominated social media platforms with ladies claiming and demanding equality in every area.

Although it’s reported that the preaching which has gone viral is an old one, people are still irritated by what he said about women.

Watch video below:


Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 11, 2019


A man has proposed to his girlfriend who had graduated with her MPH after 11-years of dating.

The man who is a practising nurse attorney in Louisiana, surprised his girlfriend by going down on his knee, holding out a ring in its box and asking her to marry him.

The lady broke down crying while her man was still on his knee waiting to hear her answer, he handed her his handkerchief as she also wiped his tears and she finally said YES!.

The young lady who shared a video footage of the proposal on her Twitter account, wrote;

“This began when I was 14 & he was 17. At 16, I gave birth to our now 9 year old son. Fast forward, I just graduated with my MPH & he is a practicing Attorney in Louisiana. This journey wasn’t easy, but this was always the plan #Mathews #GodsWill”

Watch video below;