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Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 16, 2018

A new rift may be gradually brewing in the Nigerian music scene as it seems like popular singer Davido throws shades at Timaya.

Though this cannot be confirmed yet as there has been no record of any kind of misunderstanding between the two singers, but from record, the two stars have not done any gig together and they don’t seem to show any form of communication.

It all started when Timaya posted a photo of himself on his Instagram page with the caption:

The reason “I’m wininning” is because i’m not competing!!!

And just some moments after that, pop star Davido took to his page to post a photo of himself with the caption which sounded like a reply to Timaya’s earlier post:

Who Dey follow u do competition?? ODE

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 16, 2018

The abductors Zamfara twin sisters have threatened to kill one of the girls if payment of their ranson is not made on time.

The twins, Hassana and Hussaina, were kidnapped last month in Dauran town while distributing the invitation cards of their wedding.

A family member, Ibrahim Abubakar, who spoke with the kidnappers and the twins on phone said the kidnappers had reduced the ransom to N15million.

“We are only able to get N6m selling our properties and receiving contributions from family members, politicians, traders and ordinary people,” Mr Abdubakar told DAILY NIGERIAN on Thursday night.

In a viral audio clip, one of the twin sisters, Hussaina was heard sobbing, complaining about maltreatment and appealing for help.

“I am battling with headache. We are in dire situation, they are about to kill us,” Hussaina sobbed.

“The beat us every morning. Please help rescue us. Even yesterday, they slaughtered some people in our presence.

“We are starving. Please get contributions even from the general public.”

But one of the abductor’s interjected, saying the call would be the last he would make with the twins as they failed to deliver the ransom.

The state government had last week directed the recruitment of 8,500 civilian Joint Task Force operatives from 17 emirate councils across the state to assist security agencies in combating insecurity.

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 15, 2018

A lady has taken to Twitter that she and her husband live in separate homes and she also gave reasons for it.

Read her tweets below…

My husband and I live in separate homes. I have my own place. And we share one. Keeping my place is the best decision ever.

For those that keep asking, “ArE YaLL SePeRaTeD?” No. We aren’t. We live together. We share one home together. I take a few days out of the week to sleep at MY place because we both appreciate the peace and a break. How is this not a simple?

Also, we share a son. So I get a good nights sleep without my son a few times a week and so does he. This works for our work schedule and daily life. It’s kinda nice cause it feels like we’re still dating sometimes. He’s not a cheater, so you can dead that topic. We just living.

I feel like y’all making this harder to understand than it really is.

Let me mute this tweet cause y’all got a boxed in idea of marriage. We don’t fold for no one. We don’t let society tell us how to live. We good over here.

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 15, 2018


Two days ago, singer Duncan Mighty shared a video of an old widow who was filmed dancing to his new song ‘Miekeraso’ and asked his fans to help him locate the woman.

He announced that he was going to donate a bag of rice, one goat, three wrappers, a cash price of N20k and also promised to pay for her health care.
He wrote:

Abeg who knows this special mama eeehhh .. mummy u don win immediate medical attention, 1 bag of rice 1 goat ? and 3 wrappers and 20k pls make una help locate her …… Miekeraso Touching Lives #miekeraso #Born4this.’

After finding the woman, the singer instead surprised her today with a brand new Toyota Camry and also got her registered at a clinic.

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 15, 2018

Professor Ben Nwabueze is no longer one of us. He has joined the enemy camp. 50 years of embracing every Fulani presidential candidate that comes to Enugu with a bag of foreign currency has never yielded anything positive for our people.

Every promise and declaration Prof. Nwabueze made to IPOB leadership he has broken. From insisting that nobody should meet him for peace with IPOB unless the terrorist tag is removed to agreeing to extract written binding commitment from Atiku to return Nigeria to the regions (1963 Constitution). He failed on all these fronts.

He is still an elder and father but his romance with Fulani One Nigeria and mortgaging Igbo interest on mere empty promise from Atiku is unacceptable. They have been endorsing every northerner all their lives for money, contracts and appointments for themselves and their families.

Please don’t insult him or use rude words to address him because it’s not his fault. He was deceived by blood sucking Igbo demon politicians. We simply avoid him and not talk about him anymore. He is NOT somebody we can defer to anymore.

Hugging Atiku like a child in need of his mother is an unforgivable insult to the great Igbo race in particular and we Biafrans in general.

– IPOB Leadership