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Akeem ReachnaijaApril 23, 2018


Nollywood actress, Susan Peters has slammed former BBNaija housemate, Cee-C, for not winning anything. She said her bad character got her disgraced to the point that those whom she thought she was better than in the house went home with lots of prizes while she failed to win anything despite coming second in the competition.

Susan Peters wrote:

”Food for thought, if you disagree just jejely don’t be toxic cos I will block you. Alex won something( 550k close challenge, dano milk challenge) including her mother’s kitchen refurbished despite being called an animal and not her level.
Nina won Head of House and also a trip to Russia for the world cup and one Pepsi event in Dubai despite being called a dustbin with water in her brain.

Tobi won 1m, won Heritage Bank package, Headof house and 2nd runner up even though he was insulted infinity

Ifunnada didn’t make it to the finals but won 2.5m, a vintage Pepsi branded fridge and a year supply of Pepsi and aquafina water
Leo didn’t make it to the finals but won 2.5m, a vintage Pepsi branded fridge and a year supply of Pepsi and aquafina water

This life NEVER look down on anyone because people’s grace differ.
Ceec won nothing even the head of house didn’t last. She won nothing. Getting to the finals as the last woman standing without anything is nothing! She was disgrace. Well she won Adesua’s earrings so that’s something
People she said are not her level went home making their parents proud.

Cee-C was disgraced, her bad character made her win nothing – Susan Peters

If you like take your bad character anywhere thinking the universe will clap for you. No one is perfect but every adult is responsible for their actions.
I said it before andI repeat it again, Virginity will never get you an award as much as good character will give. Being a virgin is self discipline but having a good character will take you places.

Akeem ReachnaijaApril 22, 2018


Three days ago, Shuga Shaa, a Nigerian musician pulled massive crowd when he took his sex doll, Tontoh to Ikeja City Mall.

He was criticized for the act, with many saying he only wants publicity with it.

Shaa who said he is now free from sharing people’s girlfriends has now taken to Instagram to slam critics writing;

Some one is my beloved country Nigeria bought a goat wore the goat gold chains worth millions peacefully secretly the goat is richer than most Nigerians , why you people hating on my doll my pet my @tontoh_shaa I thought dolls are meant to be taking care of almost every body was giving dolls when growing as a child so what is the problem if i decided to give TONTOH a rich treat dose that make me useless or an evil person come on brethren’s don’t jump into conclusions coz most Africans think there is VODOO in everything produce by a man. Have any of you seen spirits before ? Because you read stories about gods and your imagination scares you .Listen my people this is 21 century civilization is real update your life stay happy do good to people don’t worry about every one just do the little you can say your prayers to God he will give you signs don’t worry about negativities it come with believe … “

Akeem ReachnaijaApril 22, 2018


It looks like more Nigerian men are unashamedly replacing real women with sex dolls, Bizzyaski who is the tattoo artist to Tonto Dikeh, Lil kesh, Iyanya and other Nigerian celebrities, has flaunts his sex doll named Cardi on his instagram page and wrote;

.” I’d rather have a sex doll than a baby mama. A child born to a babymama is just like a fatherless child. Distance fathering is poo which is gonna affect the child’s psychology. How you gonna be even sure you own that baby in the first place? Having a sex doll will safe u from raising a bastard. Many guys, especially in Nigerian showbiz think they own the babies with their so called babymamas, and are paying upkeep money, but that child belongs to someone else. They dunno! And all this poo culture is gonna backfire….even if you own the kid, kid will bounce back on you later on hearing his or her story twisted by the mom. With CARDI, can’t bother abt all that poo. Btw, she is the sexiest doll so far in 9ja.”