Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 7, 2019


Hundreds of Nigerians paid for tickets to be part of Air Peace inaugural flight to Dubai via Sharja in United Arab Emirates (UAE) from Lagos on Friday.

The passengers said that they wanted to identify with the indigenous carrier, because of its affordable fares and the desire to see a Nigerian airline operate international destination to stem the exploitative fares charged by international carriers.

They expressed the hope that if Air Peace continues to provide efficient service, they would continue to patronise the airline, which they described as source of pride to the country.

One of the passengers, Ezekiel Lawal, told THISDAY that he was excited to be traveling to Dubai with a Nigerian carrier and expressed the hope that the airline would sustain the route, adding that the fare is attractive and affordable.

“We are happy that a Nigerian airline is taking us to Dubai. The fair is very good and with this many people will be patronising the airline. Look at hundreds of people that are traveling with the airline. Many of them are traveling for the first time because they can afford the fare,” Lawal said.

At the formal ceremony to herald the inaugural flight at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos, The Chairman/CEO of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, said that the airline’s foray into international operations would help end the short changing of Nigerians flying to international destinations.

Onyema said he empathised with Nigerian travellers because of the outrageous fares they were made to pay when compared to what other African countries pay for the same hours of flight.

He stated that Nigerians traveling from Lagos to London which is six hours pay more than travellers flying from Johannesburg to London, which is about nine hours.
The airline which commenced its inaugural operations with over 80 per cent load factor said it aims to maintain its startup trajectory.

Onyema said the airline’s major objective is to provide efficient and reliable flight service to Nigerians at affordable fares to stem the exploitation of Nigerian travellers.

“Let me tell Nigerians, what you pay to Europe for a six hours flight , those that fly nine hours from Jo’ burg do not pay that; it’s time to stop the short-changing,” he said.

The Air Peace boss also said that competitor airlines would soon begin to crash their fares when they hear of and see the attractive offer Air Peace has in store but reminded them that these airlines refused to drop those fares initially until they came in.

” As we speak our fares are attractive, we have N180,000 to Dubai via Sharjah on Economy, and we have N650,000 for Business Class while our First Class is N850,000 you won’t get a better offer, in fact for First class ok you see from N2million up. I’m sure some airlines will reduce their fares but this is just to ensnare you again and keep ripping you off.”
“I am sure that Air Peace will start and not close shop after some months, I have no doubt this will succeed,” he said.
Also speaking, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Aviation, Saibu Zackari, pledged government’s support to Air Peace, stating that government supports all Nigerian airlines and will support Air Peace.

The Permanent Secretary represented by the Director Air Traffic Management, Azssan Musa, also hinted that government has helped with its special window for making foreign exchange available as well as aircraft spare.

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 27, 2019


In a bid to ensure safety among passengers, airport and to protect lives and property in all airports across Nigeria, the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria has listed out some prohibited items which are not allowed either at the airport or on the plane. This according to FAAN is to ensure that both the airline and passengers are safe.

Below are lists of prohibited items in the Security Restricted Area (SRA)

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 26, 2019

Miracle Ikechukwu who continued his training as a pilot in Florida, United States has been certified as an Instrument Rated Pilot.

Miracle who shared a video of his new rank being added after he was certified as an Instrument Rated Pilot, wrote on Instagram;

“A lot of turbulence while en-route but finally landed.. ✈️“Instrument Rated!”.. It’s only Your Grace Lord.. Thank You.. and to everyone who has supported meh thus far, I Appreciate … GOD Bless.. ”

Here is the video he shared below;

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 23, 2019


A number of global Airlines, including British Airways, KLM, Qantas and Lufthansa, have confirmed that they will not fly over Iranian airspace, following advice from the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) banning all US carriers from the route.

The warning follows the tensions between the US and Iran after Iran shot down a $220m ( or ₦79 billion) high-altitude U.S. drone with a surface-to-air missile and comes after commander of the Revolutionary Guards Aerospace Force, Amir Ali Hajizadeh, boasted he could have shot down a US P8 aircraft with 35 personnel on board while it was violating Iran’s airspace.

He also said Iran decided to shoot down the US surveillance drone, which he said was in Iranian airspace, to only send a message to Washington.

Federal Aviation Administration said:

“There were numerous civil aviation aircraft operating in the area at the time of the intercept,’ it said, adding that its prohibition would stay in place until further notice.”

British Airways, Air France, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Malaysia Airlines, Australia’s Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines Ltd and KLM have all confirmed they were re-routing their flights to avoid the area.

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 20, 2019


The Managing Director, Federal Road Maintenance Authority, (FERMA), Mr. Nurudeen Rafindadi, who disclosed this at the flag-off ceremony added that due to the importance of the road, rehabilitation works would be completed on the 12 kilometer portion of the road in six months.

He stressed that the aim behind the project was to reduce travel time on the international road.

“And that was why the Federal Executive Council, FEC in May approved the documentations submitted for the rehabilitation of the road,” Rafindadi added.

He explained that aside the Federal Government, the Lagos State Government was also working on another section of the road; dividing it into three Lots for easy and smooth completion.

According to him, the three sections on the 70 kilometre Lagos-Badagry Expressway are from Eric Moore to Okokomaiko which is 20 kilometre, Okokomaiko to Agbara, which is the second section, is 12 kilometre and the third section is from Agbara to Seme, which is from 32 kilometre down.

“While the first is been handled by the state Government, the Federal Government through the ministry and FERMA are handling the second and third sections. The second section is where we will be embarking on rehabilitation works. And for the third section, the contract has been awarded and would be reconstructed.”

On the second section which is been rehabilitated, the Managing Director said: “I can assure the motorist that in the next six and 12 months, they will see a better road because the contractor (Wizchino Engineering Limited) is ready to commence the work.”

While assuring motorist of improved traffic management during the rehabilitation exercise, Rafindadi hinted that FERMA would engage the Lagos State Government and the Federal Ministry of works on traffic management.

He said: “There will always be arrangement for traffic management. We have been on the project before today. We have done a lot of works. What I can assure you is that during the construction, the traffic will not be hectic as it presently is.”

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 12, 2019


As we countdown to the final unveiling of the Lagos-Ibadan Railway as being promised by the former minister of transportation, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi, we felt the need to checkmate what’s going on in this sector since they seem to be closing up in Lagos.

AutoReportNG was in Ebute-Metta, the national headquarters of the Nigeria Railway Cooperation where there are series of construction happening simultaneously. Before we arrived at the railway compound, we decided to take a trip around Yaba as we noticed some evacuation around Yaba bus stop at the back of the popular LightHouse Cinema in Jibowu, we saw some workers of the CCECC tying to level up some places and also digging some parts, we don’t understand how this comes into manifestation but we leave them to do their job. The work from Yaba didn’t stop as we took a walk to the main compound of the NRC.

Reaching the compound, we met some security, we must, however, say that one of the challenges of reporters accessing these site despite the clearance given by Mr. Amaechi that he has mandated the securities at the site to allow Nigerians to come and take pictures of the work of the railway sites, the securities at the site seem to have their agenda, they won’t allow you to take pictures and if you show your ID card, they resort to extortion that you drop something for the boys, we hope the management of these securities outfits will caution these folks and educate them that this is a federal job and not a private company where they can do or chase people as they want, people pay for these projects by taxes and so its not a crime to see what your money is doing.

In as much as the people are not disturbed or causing a nuisance to the workers or to the environment, they should be allowed to take pictures, only Ogun State seems to have an open field for these, those in Lagos are always very difficult and overzealous.

Despite the struggles we had with the securities, we are able to inspect some sections of the work, we noticed there are three sections that are being built, there is section A, B, and C. Section A and B are at an advanced stage of about 45-55% while section C is just starting off, we noticed they are at the foundation stage of section C. We spoke to one of the workers who spoke to us in Yoruba about the stage of the work, he said, so far, work is going at a great speed, the issue they are having has to do with Lagosians and demolition of houses close to the rail track which has been carried out, he said before August, Lagos zone ought to have reached a climax.

For the records, the 156km railway was billed at $1.6 billion and it will cut across 3 southwest states namely, Lagos, Ogun and Oyo state. At the completion of this rail, those in Lagos can get to Ibadan in less than 40mins time and it will help to decongest the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. Mr. Amaechi last year promised that the railway will be ready before May 2019 but the company handling the rail can not deliver as planned. We looking forward to new date this time around.

AutoReportNG walked around the site briefly and we are able to capture some pictures for your view.

Yaba/Tejuoosho Axis

Ebute Metta



Akeem ReachnaijaJune 6, 2019


A pilot who flew for six consecutive months with an expired medical certificate got his Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL) revoked by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA).

The identity of the pilot and the airline he flew for was not disclosed by NCAA. The pilot flew between November 2018 to May 2019 without a valid medical certificate.

A statement by the General Manager, Public Affairs, NCAA said: “Specifically, the pilot’s medical certificate commenced validity from 17th July, 2017 and expired on the 16th January, 2018. Another one was processed on 11th May 2018 which expired on the 10th November, 2018.

“However, investigation has revealed that instead of the pilot revalidating his medical certificate he conducted flight operations as the pilot-in-command (PIC) in flagrant disregard of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig.CARs).
“According to Part A flight crew member or air traffic controller shall not exercise the privileges of his/her licence unless he/she holds a current medical certificate appropriate to the licence.”

The Manager added that the agency had determined that pursuant to Part of the Nig.CARs, the pilot had lost the privileges of his licence, stressing that he didn’t hold a current medical certificate appropriate to the licence.

The NCAA added that in Part (a) A licence, rating, authorisation or certificate “shall be revoked if the holder has lost the skills for exercising the privileges mentioned in the document or fails to meet appropriate medical standards as shown by the result of a medical examination or a test.

“Therefore, in line with Part of the Nig.CARs, the Pilot’s Licence ATPL (A] [ A- Aircraft] is hereby revoked with immediate effect, and it ceases to be effective,” it added.

The statement hinted that the pilot had been directed to return the invalidated licence to the authority’s director of licensing (DOL) within seven days of receipt of the letter of sanction, stressing that the letter has since been dispatched accordingly.

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 3, 2019


Toyota Corolla is a well loved car world over. Even in Nigeria, you can not count 15 cars in a traffic without seeing at least one of any models of Toyota Corrolla. It has proven reputation for reliability, efficiency, affordability, and holds it’s value well.

The 2020 Toyota Corolla is based on the Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA), and there is a new optional engine – hybrid powertrain.

As with the new Corolla hatchback, what’s most commendable about the Corolla sedan is the vast, across-the-board improvement over its predecessor. It looks better, drives better, and feels better inside. Although, the sedan is more comfortable than the Corolla hatchback, which is sportier and has a shorter wheelbase.

The car’s wheelbase, which, at 106.3 inches, is the same as former model but The TNGA platform is new to the sedan. Toyota claims a “big increase in rigidity, and the rear suspension switches from its old torsion-beam arrangement to a new, more sophisticated multilink setup”.
While the Corolla’s ride-and-handling balance is more confident in feel than before, this newest model won’t trouble sportier compacts such as the Mazda 3, Volkswagen Golf, or Honda Civic.

Trims :
There are seven trims of this model: L, LE, Hybrid LE, SE CVT, SE, XLE and XSE.

L, LE, And XLE: It is still is the carryover base engine that’s standard on L, LE, and XLE models. This 1.8-liter inline-four is an ancient powertrain that has been featured in the past several generations of Corolla with minor upgrades. Its 139-hp is on the low end of the compact segment it doesnt perform better than the powerful 2.0L engine that gets better EPA fuel-economy ratings than the base engine.

SE (6MT): The six-speed stick, which even has standard rev-matching capability, comes only in the SE model and mates with the more powerful of the two engine options, a 169-hp 2.0-liter inline-four that’s standard in the sporty-ish SE and XSE trims and 1.8L, 139HP engine.

SE CVT: In the Sport Edition Continuous Variable Timing, a 2.0-liter motor is lashed to a continuously variable automatic transmission, which exacerbates noisiness at higher revs. The combination of the bigger 2.0-liter four and CVT and it takes 8.0-seconds to move from zero-to-60-mph but this is slower than much of the competitors.

Hybrid Model: is a new addition to the Corolla trims and it is a good compromise between the two engines. The hybrid powertrain uses a 121-hp Atkinson-cycle 1.8-liter inline-four and a pair of electric motors, with the drive motor generating 71-hp. This gives an impressive 52 mpg combined, nearly 20 mpg more than other petrol Corollas and right on top of its closest rival, the Honda Insight (which is, essentially, a rebranded Civic hybrid). However, the little disadvantage of choosing the Corolla hybrid, other than its $3000 price difference to the base model is that due to the placement of the battery pack under the rear seats, it has the same amount of trunk space as the conventionally powered model, and the rear seatbacks even fold flat, creating a pass-through from the trunk to the interior for longer cargo.
Press “EV mode” to get more throttle response on hybrid mode.

XSE Model: This comes standard with what Toyota lists as a sport suspension, paired with 225/40R-18 Yokohama AVID GT all-season tires. While its steering and chassis behavior are improved, they’re still nowhere near sharp enough to encourage aggressive driving – skidding etc.

Fuel Efficiency: the XSE average fuel economy over 900 miles amounted to 28 mpg. Toyota claims that the average mpg for this model is 31 city/38 highway (estimated).

Interior: Rear-seat space is one of the few areas where the new car doesn’t at least beat the old one. Rear legroom drops by more than six inches (the old Corolla had a positively more amount of space in back), so it’s not quite as Uber-friendly, but the rear quarters are still more spacious than in the Corolla hatchback model. Interior materials are average for this class of sedan— cheap plastic interior materials are kept to a minimum, and the dashboard layout is attractive — the infotainment setup is easy to use, with volume and tuning knobs and standard Apple CarPlay capability. (Android Auto is not available).

Pricing: The starting price of this model (excluding shipping and customs duty) is $19500 (NGN7,039,500, exchanged at 361/$1) of L trim. The LE trim costs $19950, Hybrid LE trim costs $22,950, SE CVT trim costs $21,950, SE manual drive (6MT) costs $22650, XLE trim costs $23,950 and the top-of-range trim, XSE costs a whopping$25,450 (N9,187,450).

Safety Features: The 2020 Corolla comes with 8 standard airbags, pre collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure alert, steering assist, road edge detection, blind spot monitor, remote control (you can use to locate your car if you forgot where you parked), automatic highbeams, full speed range dynamic radar cruise control, lane tracing assist, and road sign assist.

Colours: There are 8 colours to choose from viz: Celeste, silver metallic, Black sand pearl, Barcelona red metallic, super white, blizzard pearl, blueprint, blue crush metallic
The Corolla sedan remains a compact Car that this model significantly better than the last few generations of Corollas.

While Toyota succeeded in removing most of the reasons not to buy a Corolla by making the 2020 model more pleasant to drive, they still maintained all the signature design that already made it good choice.

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 3, 2019


Police in Goraya, Jalandhar along with the CIA staff on Sunday, June 2, arrested a Nigerian woman allegedly involved in drug peddling, and recovered one kg of heroin from her possession.

The woman identified as Beauty of Benin City, Edo State resides at Vikaspuri in New Delhi.

Jalandhar SSP (Rural) Navjot Singh Mahal said that she was arrested near Barra Pind village with a purse containing the drugs.

“Local police recovered 1 kg heroin on the directions of DGP. We had put up check-posts. We stopped the Nigerian woman and recovered 1 kg heroin from her purse,” said Navjot Mahal while talking to reporters.

The Police Officer further said that an FIR has been lodged against the woman.

“She came to India on a student visa but she did not take admission anywhere. Her student visa has already expired. Nothing is clear as of now. We will interrogate her to find out where this drug was to be delivered,” he added.

Mahal said the Jalandhar rural police had recovered 29.925 kg of heroin during the past 10 months, including 14.760 kg of heroin from 20 foreigners, including 11 men and nine women.