Akeem ReachnaijaFebruary 6, 2019

A recent discovery from an ancient castle in Austria has proven, that bras are not exactly new age.

In fact, the bras that they discovered, hidden in a vault of the castle, date back more than 500 years.

This is from the same period that Leonardo Da Vinci was still walking the Earth.

The discovery also revealed that not only is the undergarment older than previously thought but so is the ‘sexy’ This old-school bra were decorated with lace, proving Victoria had secrets half of a millennium ago.

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 10, 2018


I opened this Thread few days ago about Kazakhstan.

I decided to visit kazakhstan after reading what Gorry wrote about it in this thread.

My plan was to go there for greener pasture but little did i know that the person called gorry is a visa Agent who ran away from Nigeria after being involved in a Visa scam.

My plan is to warn the future travelers, please, kazakhstan is not a place to hustle, the ppl of Kazakhstan are very poor people and few people are interested in learning English.

Most Nigerians there are stranded and cant even come back because they don’t have returning tickets.

Most of the people stranded were decieved by their Agents that they can teach and make money while in Kazakhstan.

The Agent behind the gorry123 monicker is currently wanted in Kazakhstan and to make matter worst, He has overstayed his visa.

Be warned, No hustle In Kazakstan

I am begging all Nigerians, I met one guy, he sold of his Shop in Onitsha main market because of Kazakhstan and as it is now, he is begging to eat.

About traveling From Kazakhstan to Another country, please, don’t allow them to decieve you.

I have every single detail about the ruthless Agent behind Gorry123 monicker.

Police are on check arresting blacks recently because they are causing Nuisance, they work up and down without doing anything.