Akeem ReachnaijaDecember 8, 2018

Dubai’s flagship airline Emirates has set heads rolling after the introduction of a new Diamond coated plane called Emirates Bling 777.

The sparkly aircraft in the viral image was shown parked at the terminal of an airport along with the luggage trucks

According to Khaleejtimes, The image is said to be the artwork of Sara Shakheel, formerly a dentist and now a crystal artist.

Shakheel had posted her bedazzling creation on Tuesday and it turned out that Emirates liked the image so much that the airline asked for permission to repost it and upgraded her flight from Pakistan to Milan

Akeem ReachnaijaDecember 1, 2018


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has unveiled the all-new Wrangler-inspired 2020 Jeep Gladiator at the 2018 LA Auto Show.

President of the Jeep Brand for Fiat Chrysler said :

“We absolutely wanted it to look different, bold and standout from anything else, but give you everything that the truck buyer was looking for and everything that Wrangler has always been known for”

To make the new off-roader, that is part SUV part a pickup , Jeep added about 31 inches to the frame of the Wrangler Unlimited and a 5-Foot BED – to make the pickup part .

Inside the different trims,that includes the Sport, Sport S, Overland and Rubicon versions, features the fourth-generation  Uconnect system with either a 5-inch, 7-inch or 8.4-inch touchscreen.

A standard 7-inch or an optional 8.4-inch touchscreen comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The SUV also has a subwoofer and portable wireless speaker, two USBs ,a USB-C port and a 115-volt outlet.

It will be powered by a 3.6-liter V-6 that produces 285 hp and a 2020 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6 engine upgrade for 260 hp .

The Gladiator is capable of driving through 2.6 feet of water ,compared to the new Rivian R1T pickup’s 3.3 feet and Hummer’s 2.5 feet fording depth.

With 1600 pounds of maximum payload,the Gladiator will tow 7,650 pounds of loads,that’s an impressive 850 pounds more than the ToyotaTacoma and 150 pounds more than the Ford Ranger.

With deliveries starting next year, the Gladiator will compete head-to-head with off-roaders like the Toyota Tacoma TRD models and Ford Ranger Raptor.

Akeem ReachnaijaDecember 1, 2018


Rivian has unveiled its first all-electric SUV just a day after revealing the R1T electric pickup truck at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show.

It shares the same platform and almost the same specs as the R1T pickup truck like the Land Rover Evoque-style of flush door handles ,distinct LED headlights design and front-bonnet storage, since it has no internal combustion engine.

But instead of the long loadbed found at the back of the pickup ,the R1S SUV gains a third row seat to make it a 7 passenger SUV.

Inside the electric SUV includes a 15.6-inch touchscreen , 12.3-inch screen behind the steering wheel and a 6.8 inches screen at the back of the center console.

It also has 10 USB charging ports,multi-media touchscreens and Level 3 self-driving capabilities – that means ,it will be able to steer, accelerate and brake without the driver touching the steering or brake .

It is offered in 5 or 7 passenger configurations and three battery options .The highest battery pack will take it to over 410 miles of drive range – this is more than what Tesla Model X’s 100-kWh pack for 295 miles can offer.

It is powered by 4 electric motors ,one attached to each wheel . All versions has a top speed of 125 mph and a zero to 62mph in 4.9s ,3.0s and 3.2s – for the 105 kWh, 135 kWh and 180 kWh version respectively.

The SUV starts at $72,500 (pickup at $61,500 ) and deliveries is expected in late 2021.

Akeem ReachnaijaDecember 1, 2018


Dana Air has shown clear leadership in crew professionalism among domestic airlines in Nigeria as it crew clinched the Excellent Crew Professionalism Award, and Cabin Crew Excellent Award at the Nigerian Aviation Business Exhibition 2018 and Cabin Crew fair 2018 held in Lagos recently.

The Aviation Business and Exhibition 2018 and the Cabin Crew Fair 2018 organised by Mamanaviworld and Mama J Aviation Consult respectively, are platforms designed for stakeholders to deliberate on industry best practices, human capacity development and way forward for Nigeria’s aviation industry.

Commenting on the double crew excellence awards, the Chief Operating Officer of Dana Air Mr Obi Mbanuzuo said, ‘Dana Air is proud of the level of professionalism that our crew have exhibited in the last 10 years of our operation. They have been highly trained and these awards are testament to the level of courtesy and professionalism they bring to bear in not just ensuring the comfort of our guests but as safety officers.’’

Speaking further, Obi said, recently, we reaffirmed our commitment to professionalism in the industry with our sponsorship of the first-ever cabin crew reality TV show in partnership with the Crew Training Institute, and this is part of our commitment to train and impact prerequisite knowledge and soft skills needed for aspiring cabin crew.’’

He noted that the Dana Air crew also made the airline proud at the last two editions of the Nigerian Aviation Awards where one of its cabin crew members, Joy Louis, bagged the Air Crew of the year award for her human relations and efficiency, while two other members of the airline’s crew (Collins Ginika and Chiogo Okani ) beat other domestic airlines crew to the King and Queen of the Air contest crown.

Obi maintained that Dana Air will continue to be a leading light and will to do its best to encourage best practices andprofessionalism in the industry.

Dana Air recently celebrated 10 years of service to Nigeria with a record breaking load factor, an unrivaled on-time performance, world-class in-flight service and customer-centric products and services

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 29, 2018

A Zambian socialite and dancer, Iris Kaingu was bounced while trying to meet Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex at the Burma Barracks in Lusaka, the country’s capital city on Tuesday.

According to media reports, the slay queen who is known for her porn and nude pictures – was ejected from the military facility even before the 34-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth arrived.

The Prince was then due to meet World War 1 veterans and widows at Burma Barracks to commemorate 100 years since the end of the war on Tuesday. As he was being awaited by a small group of carefully selected guests and a handful of accredited journalists in the barracks, a beaming and attractive Iris pitched up donning a white loose fitting dress, centimetres shy from touching knees.

The lady shook hands with a few waiting journalists before making her way to the memorial hall where the war veterans and widows had been staffed to await the Prince.

However, shortly after, Iris was seen being talked to by a uniformed military man before they walked together towards the exit of the barracks.

Prince Harry then arrived about 15 minutes later and proceeded to fulfill his programme with Iris nowhere in sight.

Iris Kaingu made headlines last year after she went totally unclad in order to be painted by an artist. Ms. Kaingu was also convicted by the Lusaka Magistrate Court in 2002 for making a porn video

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 22, 2018


Nigerian airlines, presidential fleet, Nigerian Air Force and the Nigerian Police spend an estimated $2.5 billion annually in conducting C-check and other levels of aircraft maintenance overseas, Akelicious’s investigations have revealed.

Akelicious gathered that most of the funds are expended on the technical personnel, airframe maintenance, landing gear, engine overhaul and aircraft spares.

Aeronautical engineers, airline operators and pilots told Akelicious that this amount would have been halved if Nigeria has major Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility, a leasing company, which could also supply spares and simulators for the training of pilots.

Akelicious gathered that the high cost of maintenance is responsible for the short lifespan of Nigerian carriers, which operate for average of 10 years.

The long time spent in taking aircraft overseas has forced airlines to incur losses, making it difficult for domestic airlines to survive.

Former Aero Contractors’ Maintenance Engineer, who is now the Chief Executive Officer of Seven Star Global, a major maintenance facility that just berthed in Nigeria, Mr. Isaac Balami, told Akelicious that airframe maintenance alone costs Nigeria $1 billion annually at the average of $1 million per aircraft.

“Airlines expend about $1 million on the maintenance of airframe alone and not to talk about the maintenance of landing gear and engine, which have different maintenance programme. These amounts are spent by Nigerian airlines, the Nigerian Navy, the Nigeria Air Force, the Nigeria Police, the Presidential Fleet and others that operate fixed wing aircraft. Maintenance cost is in terms of hardware and software,” Balami said.

He explained that huge cost of conducting checks on aircraft overseas does not jeopardise the safety of the Nigerian fleet because concerning commercial airliners, the regulatory authority, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) is monitoring all the airlines, but the huge cost has ensured that no Nigerian airline has existed for over 10 years, noting that Aero Contractors, which was established in 1959 started having problems 10 years after it went into scheduled commercial operation.

“The high cost of maintenance may not have any effect on aircraft safety but it is one of the reasons why Nigerian airlines cannot fly for more than 10 years. You can recall that Arik and Aero started having problems after they were 10 years. Aero was established in 1959 but went into commercial operations and 10 years after, it started having problems. This is difficult because after expending 40 per cent of your resources on fuel and you spend 30 per cent of your resources on maintenance, it becomes very difficult for you to survive,” he said.

He said that one major reason Nigerian airlines go under is because of the delay in ferrying the aircraft overseas, noting that every day a Boeing B737 is left on ground, the airline loses $100,000.

Boeing B737 is major aircraft type used by most Nigerian airlines.

“If you don’t fly a Boeing B737 a day you lose $100,000 and because you don’t have maintenance facility locally, you have to park the aircraft for about three weeks. That alone can kill an airline. That is why there is urgent need for Nigeria to have a maintenance facility and our MRO, Seven Start Global Hangar obtained licence from NCAA last August and we would start conducting checks soon; that will save Nigerian airlines and others huge amount of money spent overseas on maintenance,” Balami said.

The Chairman of Air Peace, Allen Onyema, told Akelicious that he spends about $2.5 million on heavy checks on one aircraft.

Also, the Account Manager of Dana Air, Obi Mbanuzuo, said the airline spends about $1.2 million on conducting C-check on each of its aircraft.

Mbanuzuo also said Nigeria loses hugely conducting maintenance checks overseas.
“For heavy check, which is done between 15 to 18 months, each time we fly that aircraft abroad, just the flight alone cost us close to $80,000. Your crew flies the airplanes; so that crew is out for three or four days. The cost of each C-check is about $1.2 million and then we fly it back here.
“If there were maintenance facility here, we won’t go through this. For instance, if the Uyo maintenance facility that is being constructed were available; we will just fly the aircraft from Lagos to Uyo and park the aircraft there. Even if initially it is run by expatriates and foreigners, after a short period of time, locals will get the expertise to do the work and the cost of flying the aircraft out is reduced,” he said.

He also explained that main input cost of a C-check is man hour cost, which is about $70 to $100 per hour, noting that the cost would drastically reduce if the maintenance is conducted locally.

“So, having a repair facility in Nigeria will save millions of dollars annually to all the airlines. In addition, pilots go for simulator training every six months. All the airlines in Nigeria send all their pilots for simulator training every six months. Imagine what we will be saving if we had simulators locally,” he said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Aero Contractors, Captain Ado Sanusi, said that maintaining aircraft locally would save Nigerian airlines at least 35 per cent of the cost of maintaining the aircraft overseas and save Nigeria so much foreign exchange.

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 22, 2018

A photo is fast going viral on social media that sees a Senior Community Health Nurse at Bonkrom CHPS in the Kwahu Afram Plains South District, Michael Yunbow Jordan who was travelling to Dome in Afram Plains and on his way, saved a mother in labour by helping her to deliver her baby by the roadside.

Micheal delivered the woman who was in labour and there was no time to rush her to the hospital.

The woman who lives at Nsugyaso and was reportedly going to Agogo in the Ashanti Region for the delivery but was saved by Michael after improvising with polythene bags.

According to the inspiring story shared by Edmund Atweri Duodo on Facebook, Nsugyaso, where the unidentified pregnant lady lived “is a hard to reach community in the Afram Plains South District” so the Michael used what he could to save the woman’s life.

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 21, 2018


Laura Lyons, a private investigator who specialises in tracking down online romance fraudsters, otherwise known as “catfish” has unmasked a Nigerian fraudster.

According to BBC, Laura Lyons posed as Kathryn Hunter – a wealthy divorcee looking for love. According to her: “It’s not long before the catfish begin to bite. Four men approach me online and they all claim to be US soldiers. .

One of the soldiers, who calls himself Paul Richard, comes on strong. The number he rings from has a Nigerian dialling code. After a brief silence, a man with a thick African accent comes on the line. .

He doesn’t sound like the American soldier whose picture he is using. But Paul explains away his accent by saying he has a cold. An online reverse image search leads me to the Instagram page of the real owner of the pictures the catfish was using.

For the next few weeks, my producer continues to speak to Richard on the phone as I listen in. Then our catfish makes a mistake. Richard accidentally leaves a name tag – Dan Coolman – on one of his WhatsApp pictures. .

We search through all the Dan Coolmans in Nigeria and we find one who runs a barbershop in Ibadan. He’s using the same number that our catfish has been calling us from.

Coolman is another false name, but we discover the phone is registered to Daniel Joseph Okechkwu. We have finally uncovered the real identity of our catfish. We head for Ibadan, but by the time we get there he’s gone.

The doors to the barber shop are locked and locals say it’s been closed for weeks. We decide to call him and tell him who we really are. He confesses and claims it’s the first romance scam he’s ever pulled and that he has been forced to do it because of the closure of his barber shop.

He sounds sincere and he apologises for the way he has treated us. He says he wants to stop being a romance fraudster. But he needs us to give him money, so that he can afford to stop tricking other people out of their cash. It’s a classic catfish twist. They never give up on the scam even when they have been rumbled.“

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 21, 2018

In a Multiple video share by Tunde Ednut, Nigerian couple fought outside publicly, the wife is from ondo from the dialect, and same with the husband.

The woman accuse the husband of maltreating her and also accuse her husband of bringing baby mama into their home.

In the video, the couple was cursing each other which later result into the man beating the woman mercilessly. Tho the man accused the woman of beating him first. See photos and Video below

Gist From Praizenews ;

Akeem ReachnaijaNovember 21, 2018

Police In London Brought Out A Yoruba Police Officer To Warn Yoruba Women About…

Metropolitan Police in London brought out a Yoruba police officer to warn the Yoruba women living in London to stop calling the Police on the fathers of their children.

So that the children who obviously have no fathers active in their lives, would stop being victims and perpetrators of knife crimes.

Watch video HERE and what Nigerians are saying about this.