Akeem ReachnaijaMay 26, 2019

Charly Boy has stated that the ‘Rochas Okorocha curse’ will soon befall Buhari, just after report of Imo state Governor building his statue went viral.

The veteran singer backed his claim with how most African leaders turned out after the Imo governor built a statue in their honor. Stating that the ‘Rochas Okorocha curse’ will befall Buhari, Charly Boy wrote:

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 26, 2019


In an open letter published on the club’s official website ahead of his final outing against Parma on Sunday, De Rossi said: “Please, let me say thank you to everyone at Roma that I came to know:

“The Sensi family, and President Pallotta.

“All the women and men that have worked, and continue to work, at Trigoria.

“The coaches that shaped me; all of them – without exception – taught me something important.

“The medical staff that always took care of me; and Damiano, without whom I would certainly have made fewer appearances for this club.

“My teammates, the part of the job I always enjoyed the most – they are my family. That daily routine, those times in the changing room at Trigoria, will be the thing I miss most of all.

“Bruno, who saw something special in me and brought me into this club’s fantastic academy. It was there, one morning in August, that I first met Simone and Mancio – we have been friends ever since, and will be for the rest of our lives.

“Thank you Davide, I know you will be alongside me for the rest of my life too.

“Thank you to Francesco. The captain’s armband I wore was inherited from the arm of a brother, a great captain and the most incredible footballer I have ever seen wear this shirt. Not everyone gets to play alongside their idol for 16 years. Now, with respect, I will pass this armband on to Alessandro. Another brother, one that I know is equally worthy of the honour.

“Thank you to mum and dad, for instilling in me two values that I have carried with me every single day: to never do to someone else something you would not want them to do to you, and to always offer a hand to those in trouble.

“Thank you to Ostia; to its people and its coast. You helped raise me as a child, you spurred me on as a teenager, and you welcomed me back as an adult.

Thank you also to those who supported me – and suffered with me – within the walls of our home: without Gaia, Olivia, Noah and especially Sarah I would be half the man I am today.

“Thank you to every Roma fan, my fans. Today, at least, I’ll allow myself to call you ‘my fans’ – because I was one of you, out there on the pitch, and the love you have always shown me helped me to keep on doing that. You are all the reason why I chose this city, this life, time and time again. Sunday will be the 616th time I make that choice, the right choice.

“No-one will ever love you more than I do.”

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 24, 2019


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has responded to comments from those at the Guinea football federation by stating that Naby Keita is making positive progress in his recovery from injury.

The 24-year-old midfielder picked up a thigh problem during the first leg of a Champions League semi-final clash with Barcelona on May 1.

It was initially suggested that he could be sidelined for up to two months, with his club season brought to a close and doubt cast over his involvement at the Africa Cup of Nations.

The Reds boss told his side’s official website during a training camp in Marbella: “Naby is, I would say, a bit ahead of schedule, but that doesn’t mean anything for the final.

“He is now doing straight runs and all of that stuff, he feels comfortable with 50 per cent intensity and these things – but there is still a way to go.

“I know about the issues with Guinea and stuff like that; we don’t want to keep a player out if he can play – maybe they think it is like this, but it is not like this.

“For me, it would be good if Naby would be 100 per cent fit and could play the Africa Cup of Nations, to be 100 per cent honest. But we don’t know, we will see, and we need to work together with their medical department because in the end, a player who is fit – from my point of view – who can play, should play for his country.

“If he is not 100 per cent fit, he cannot play. That’s how it is. It is not important whether you play for your country or your club. That’s what we try to make sure. It looks good, very positive and we will see if there is a chance.”

While Keita faces a race against time to prove his fitness, Klopp is confident that Roberto Firmino will win his battle to come into contention for a place in Liverpool’s Champions League final plans.

He added on the Brazilian forward, who has taken in just 11 minutes of football since suffering a muscle injury against Cardiff on April 21: “Bobby looks really good [and] he is now part of training.

“It was not too long out, but of course we are still careful and want to make sure nothing happens.

“We have a few days still and want to use them, that’s why he is in, out, in, out. Yesterday, he was only playing as a ‘joker’ [in the small-sided games] but it is good for him, the first step to play football again.

“Today [Thursday] he was in around about 70 per cent of the session. Tomorrow he will probably be in completely, we will see, then hopefully it will be fine.”

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 22, 2019


Chelsea have declined to comment on the rumour that their former head coach Antonio Conte has been paid the full £9 million ($11m) compensation claim that he has been fighting for since being sacked last summer.

Conte has sought to secure the full payment of the last remaining year of his salary, but Chelsea have fought his claim citing a breach of contract in his final year as the club’s first team boss.

The 49-year-old has spent almost 12 months away from the dugout.

He was relieved of his duties at Stamford Bridge in the summer of 2018 as fellow countryman Maurizio Sarri, who has seen his future come into question in recent weeks, made his way to west London.

Conte left Chelsea on the back of an FA Cup triumph  and with a Premier League title to his name, but was considered to be surplus to requirements.

The Times claims that Conte has won the full amount that he has been fighting for after Goal last confirmed that a three-person Premier League tribunal was held in March to try to resolve the issue.

The tribunal ended long ago but talks have been ongoing with the threat of legal proceedings reaching the High Court meaning that both parties could have had to fight it out with full transparency in the British legal system.

Conte decided not to seek other employment for as long as his previous contract was due to run as it would have meant he was unable to fight for the full £9m that he would have been paid as Chelsea manager.

He has recently publicly admitted that he is back looking for work next season and is thought to be close to joining Inter, who are expected to part ways with Luciano Spalletti.

The legal dispute has lasted for almost a year between both parties. Conte’s text message to tell Diego Costa that he was no longer wanted, which ultimately was part of the reason leading to the forward’s £57m exit to Atletico Madrid in January 2018, is cited as one of the examples of misconduct in his role.

Conte has split his time between London and Italy in his months out of football.

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 19, 2019

Don Jazzy has reacted just after Speed Darlington stated if he could make it with his voice, then his future is solid. According to Speed Darlington, if Don Jazzy can make it with his voice, live in a nice house or at least afford to rent in a clean neighborhood and also nice cars, then he can too.

The US based singer wrote; For sure my future in music industry is solid see voice and yet this guy has a very nice house or at least afford to rent in a clean neighborhood drives nice cars with this voice? I will be alright I know that for sure. Shout out to @donjazzy

Don Jazzy who reacted to Speed Darlington’s post, “endorsed” it with an emoji. Here are screenshots of the exchange below;

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 18, 2019


CAF Disciplinary committee have recommended the disqualification of Guinea U17 from the FIFA World Cup in Brazil after reviewing Senegal’s petition where they accused Guinea of using 2 over age player, a claim that was supported by Japan’s football federation which produced documents which they used in an earlier competition hosted in Japan to substantiate the claims.

Guinea  will no longer take part in CAF Competition for 2 years as CAF has impose 2 years ban on Guinea Football Federation and will pay a Fined of $100,000 to CAF.

Senegal will now replace Guinea in the FIFA U17 World Cup in Brazil later this year after rumours were spreading of their disqualification before the CAF U17 finals against Cameroon.

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 17, 2019

Nigerian world heavyweight champion, Anthony Oluwafemi Joshua shows off his mult-million office in Miami, USA.

Anthony Joshua is currently in Miami, Florida training heavily, in his video he shared online, he wrote: “My home away from home”.

Watch Video of Anthony Joshua inside his office that looks like a whole warehouse.

See reactions, Watch Full Video From HERE

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 15, 2019


Arsenal defender Stephan Lichtsteiner expects to leave the club this summer at the end of his 12-month contract.

The 35-year-old right-back started 19 games following a free transfer from Juventus that raised eyebrows in some quarters last summer.

He was given a one-year deal with an option of a further year but it appears he is set to depart after the Europa League final against Chelsea at the end of the month.

“I see it being quite difficult to stay but we are going to see what happens,” he is quoted as saying by the Evening Standard.

“I don’t know anything. The only important thing is the Europa League final now.

“I really want to win this cup and bring this club back to the top level, back to the Champions League and winning important titles.”

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 14, 2019


A Twitter user, yourgirl posted a photo of a man named Emmanuel Ettah who raped a lady in abuja from 2 a.m on Sunday and kept her against her will to about 11am.

She wrote:

“Please if you see this guy anywhere in Abuja, I want you to know he is a RAPIST. He raped a young lady in his house around 2am on Sunday and kept her against her will to about 11am. His name is Emmanuel Ettah and I want to expose the beast. “

Akeem ReachnaijaMay 12, 2019


The Council of Yoruba Obas in Diaspora has questioned the reason for the restriction to the underwriting of absolute rulers in Diaspora by the Olugbo of Ugbo kingdom, Oba Obateru Akinruntan.

Akinruntan had as of late in his royal residence in Ugbo people group, Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State, delegated three Diaspora-based Nigerians as Yoruba Obas.

The three delegated conventional rulers are the Oriade of Georgia, United States, Oba Bernard Shola Akinrimisi; the customary leader of Yoruba in the Republic of Ireland, Oba Saheed Ibrahim Adufe, and the usual leader of Yoruba in Liberia, Oba Omobolaji Ogunkoya.

Be that as it may, Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Chief Gani Adams, and his supporters had condemned the activity of the ruler.

Be that as it may, the Secretary, Council of Yoruba Obas in Diaspora, Mr. Olukunle Akanbi, in an announcement yesterday, said a crusade of backbiting against the illustrious dad would not stand.

Or maybe, he hailed the activity of the Olugbo of Ugbo kingdom as a proactive indication of his duty to the protection of the Yoruba culture, both at home and in the Diaspora.

In its announcement, the board stated, “We, Oba Yoruba in Diaspora, acknowledge Olugbo and Paramount Ruler of Ugbo Kingdom. The restricted specialist for the certification respect and formal acknowledgment presented on us on April 22 in his royal residence, we are so thankful to Olodumare for His leniency on us.

“It is suitable to state that it is heretical in Yorubaland for a central like Adams to begin questioning or slandering the workplace of any Yoruba lord, talk all the more a profoundly worshipped ruler like Olugbo.

“In what capacity can a subject assault a lord over an authentic establishment that will ensure our way of life in a substantial evolving society. The inquiry we need to pose to Adams, who is just a conventional boss in Oyo kingdom, is, What right or specialist does he needs to criticize the desires of Yoruba children and little girls in the Diaspora who requested for the underwriting of these credible illustrious emissaries as lords over Yoruba people group in the Diaspora?

“Is it accurate to say that he is more Yoruba than those of us in the Diaspora or is it wrongdoing to be in the Diaspora as a Yoruba child? Did he contribute anything to our migration to the Diaspora for him to act as our guardian?

“While it isn’t hard to get Adams primary intentions against the establishment of the commendable diplomats in the Diaspora, it will get the job done to invigorate his recollections that Olugbo, who has a profound record of Yoruba history, has never and could never do anything undermine or bargain the Yoruba culture.

“Going ahead, the chamber stop to be occupied by the unnecessary shenanigans of Adams and his kind, however, to keep on perceiving how to save and secure our very worshipped culture and our kin in the Diaspora.

“We ask Adams to search for methods for settling his disparities with armies of remarkable Yoruba children and little girls including individuals from the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC).”