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Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 13, 2018


The identity of the Nigerian man who was killed yesterday in South Africa has been revealed. The victim, Mr. Martin Ebeuzoeme from Ideato area of Imo state was assassinated on Thursday, the 12th of July 2018 at Hunter and Grafton street, Yeoville, Johannesburg South Africa about 7pm.

The man was shot in the head at a point blank rage while returning from an outing. His car key, phone and wallet were left untouched by the assassins as he had already died beside his car before people gathered to rush him to the hospital.

This is coming few days after another Nigerian man identified as Mr Ozumba Tochukwu-Lawrence, was assassinated by a gunman in South Africa. The ugly incident was said to have occurred at 10 Koppe, Middleburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa, on July 6.

An eye witness account has it that an unknown man made a way into the compound of Mr Ozumba Tochukwu-Lawrence and requested to see him.

On being told about his guest, he came out to meet him, and the man opened fire on him and shot him six times, resulting in his death before he could reach the hospital.

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 11, 2018


A Highlander car belonging to a Chinese man and a Cambodian man, exploded and completely burned at a Tela gas station in Kampong Speu, Cambodia on Monday, July 9.

According to local media, the Chinese man drove his Highlander to get some gas at a Tela gas station.

While the car was being filled with petrol, the Chinese man was smoking a cigarette, causing the gas to explode and the car was completely burnt.

The 2 men were seriously injured.

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 8, 2018

A New Jersey father and his four daughters were killed in a car wreck on Friday afternoon as the family made their way back home from a trip to Ocean City, Maryland.

Police said the family of six was traveling northbound on Route 1 in Delaware just before 4pm when a maroon pickup truck crossed the center median into oncoming traffic slamming into the family’s white Toyota Sienna minivan.

The minivan came to stop on the median and looked unrecognizable in photos.

Authorities said five of the family members were killed in the crash and pronounced dead at the scene.

They have been identified as 61-year-old Audi Marquez Trinidad and his four daughters Kaitlyn, 20; Danna, 17; and twins Melissa and Allison, 13.

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 4, 2018

Bianca Ojukwu, former Nigeria Ambassador to Spain and wife of the late Igbo leader was the special guest of honour at the just concluded Ada n’ Okpara Ndigbo cultural fiesta which took place in Dublin, Ireland. The festive event which was a celebration of culture attracted Nigerians living in Ireland and their well wishers, guests from Nigeria as well as some members of the Irish host community such as the Mayor of Fingal and Irish parliamentarians. Highlights of the event include traditional dancers and singers, native wrestling competitions, pageants, masquerades and other cultural activities.

Below are pictures from the event

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 3, 2018

As president Trump of the United States of America continues his onslaught against immigrants, rolling out tough policies all in a bid to discourage hard working immigrants from entering the country it’s important for him to be reminded that almost all the biggest and richest tech companies in America were founded by immigrants. He should however think of how it would have been if previous presidents had stopped the parents of this founders from entering the United States. It is worthy to note that most of these people came into the United States as poor people but today, they and their children helped built the US to what it become today. I have compiled a list of all the major tech companies whose founders are not originally from the United States but were immigrants from other countries. These companies would not have existed in the United States without immigrants. These founders have called on the US to keep it’s doors wide open to immigrants. Maybe Trump should see this list and have a rethink.

1. Amazon : Founder Jeff Bezos whose father Mike Bezos was a Cuban immigrant. Today he’s the world’s richest man.

2. Apple : Founder Steve Jobs’s biological father is Abdulfattah Jandali, grew up in Syria and studied in Lebanon before moving to U.S.

3. Google: Co-founder Sergey Brin was Born in Russia but moved to Maryland. He is already joining other immigrants to protest against Trump policy.

4. Facebook: Founder Mark Zuckerberg’s grand parents are from Poland and Germany, his wife’s parents were refugees from China and Vietnam.

5. Facebook: Co-founder Eduardo Saverin is originally from Brazil. He’s also an immigrant

6. Uber: CEO Dara Khosrowshani is an Iranian immigrant who came to the US at the age of 9. Travis Kalanick is the founder and also an immigrant

7. Tesla/SpaceX : Founder Elon Musk is an ILLEGAL immigrant born in South Africa. Tesla is the world’s leading electric car manufacturer. He’s also the co-founder of PayPal and has employed thousands of Americans.

8. Whatsapp: Founder Jan Koum is an Ukrainian immigrant who moved to the US with his mother at the age of 16. He later sold whatsapp to Zukerberg for a jaw-dropping, earth-quaking, rib-cracking amount of $19 billion.

9. Instagram: Co-Founder Mike Krieger is a Brazilian software engineer born in Sao Paulo who moved to California in 2004. He also sold Instagram to Zukerberg 18 months after its launch for $1 billion: $300 million in cash, the rest in Facebook stock.

10. YouTube: Steve Chen was born and raised in Taiwan, he later immigrated with his family to the US at the age of 15. Google later bought YouTube for $ 1.64 billion in stock.

11. Ebay: Pierre Omdiyar is an immigrant whose parents are from Iran. He founded eBay in 1995 and today he is the chairman and board member of the company.

12. SanDisk: Sanjay Mehrotra is the founder of the memory storage company. He is from India.

13. PayPal: Max Levchin is from Ukraine and he co-founded Paypal with another illegal immigrant Elon Musk and Peter Thiel.

14. Intel: Andrew Grove is a Hungarian-born survivor who escaped from Hungary and moved to the US at the age of 20. He’s the founder of Intel

15. Yahoo: Yes ! Jerry Yang, The founder of Yahoo is actually from Taiwan. The company has suffered a lot of misfortune in recent years but that doesn’t mean we should throw him away. He deserves some accolades.

16. Qualcomm: Andrew Viterbi is an Italian born inventor and electrical engineer. All the big smartphone makers in the world including Samsung uses Qualcomms’s powerful chips.

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 2, 2018

A bullied schoolgirl was full of so much excitement after about 127 bikers turned up with her to her prom in what can be considered as the most dramatic prom entrance ever.

Chloe Robson, 16, was made to feel “worthless” by her tormentors from the age of just seven and had been terrified about the event.

But the teen was stunned when the bikers showed up in their droves – revving their engines to applause from Chloe’s classmates and teachers.

Her uncle, Grant Robson, 42, had organised for his group Bikers Against Bullies to attend the prom at Lumley Castle in County Durham to support the teen.

Chloe said:

“I was really nervous about going to the prom and the reaction I’d get.

“It was a big shock when we heard the engines and all the bikers turned up – I wasn’t expecting that many but it made me feel supported and confident.

“They were surrounding the car all the way there and then escorted me to the school then there was applause from teachers and the families of other students.

“It was an indescribable moment – my friends all ran up and said ‘wow, that was an entrance’.”

Bullied schoolgirl shows up for prom with escort of 127 bikers lailasnews

Chloe said the bullying started when she first went to primary school with peers calling her names over how she looked and talked.

But the problems got worse at Hermitage Academy in Chester le Street when she was shoved around and had things thrown at her.

As a result, the teen has been left with low self esteem and said it will still have a “long-term effect” on her.

She added:

“The bullying had a bad effect – it made me feel left out and alone.”

Chloe, who who will join the sixth form next year to study media and photography, has now gone on to help Bikers Against Bullies’ social media accounts.

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 2, 2018


The United Kingdom, UK, House of Lords yesterday debated the continuing killing of innocent persons in communities by armed groups in Nigeria.

The debate concerning the killings and destruction of property was raised by Lord Alton of Liverpool who demanded to know Her Majesty’s Government assessment of situation in Nigeria.

Alton warned against genocide in the country, while recalling such concern “raised on 24 March, by the highly respected former Army Chief of Staff and Defence Minister, Lieutenant General Theophilus Y Danjuma, who stated that the armed forces were, ‘not neutral; they collude’ in the, ‘ethnic cleansing in … riverine states’, by Fulani militia.

“He insisted that villagers must defend themselves because, ‘depending on the armed forces’, will result in them dying, ‘one by one. The ethnic cleansing must stop … in all the states of Nigeria; otherwise Somalia will be a child’s play’.”

Lord Alton who raised the long debate added that he would like to hear, therefore, what practical steps the UK Government were taking to work with the Government of Nigeria in developing effective solutions to bring an end to this escalating violence.

“Can the Minister tell us whether there is a strategic plan and what representations have been made directly? I know that finding solutions is complex, but there is nothing to stop the Minister calling on the Government of Nigeria to recalibrate security arrangements and to resource their forces as a matter of urgency, in order to offer sufficient protection to vulnerable communities.

“As I close, I thank the noble Lords who are participating in today’s debate and go back to where I began: to the more than 200 people, mostly women and children, who were killed in sustained attacks on 50 villages by armed Fulani militia just this past weekend. People are dying daily.

“On 18 June, the Archbishop of Abuja referred in the Telegraph to what he described as ‘territorial conquest’ and ‘ethnic cleansing’ and said:
‘The very survival of our nation is at stake’.

“This alone should serve as a wake-up call. Are we to watch one of Africa’s greatest countries go the way of Sudan? Will we be indifferent as radical forces sweep across the Sahel seeking to replace diversity and difference with a monochrome ideology that will be imposed with violence on those who refuse to comply?

“We must not wait for a genocide to happen, as it did in Rwanda. Ominously, history could very easily be repeated.”

Alton statement was backed by the rest of the Lords who took time to narrate the situation in Nigeria and vowed to commence necessary actions to stop what could escalate into Rwanda genocide.

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 30, 2018

The Nigerian Woman Who was Convicted days ago in the UK for Trafficking Was actually Contesting as a Lawmaker at the Edo state House of Assembly..
Remember Josephine Iyamu was sentenced to Jail after she was found guilty of Trafficking Young girls From Benin to Germany as Sex Slaves, Called the ‘modern slavery offences’ Where she forces the trafficked women to swear oaths to hand over money to her during “juju” ceremonies.

[i]Read previous post here:

Well, a new Photo going viral on the Internet shows she was Contesting as an Assembly Member in Edo state under the APC platform..
See below!

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 30, 2018


French President, Emmanuel Macron, will visit the African Shrine next week to soak-in Afrobeat music, as he prepares to open the new-look Alliance Francaise facility in Lagos.

Macron is expected to touch down in Abuja on Tuesday and after a brief visit to President Muhammadu Buhari at the Villa, would head to Lagos in the evening and would be hosted at the Shrine by Trace Tv, according to sources familiar with the itinerary.

Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode, will be on hand to guide the visiting president and will use the occasion to promote Tourism in the state.

Afrobeat was specially created by the legendary Fela Anikulapo, originally known as Fela Ransome-Kuti, a radical artiste who fought against injustice and executive recklessness through his addictive brand of music. His sons, Femi and Seun have been able to sustain the popularity of the genre and President Macron will certainly have fun at the African Shrine.

Next day at 9am, President Macron is expected to open the magnificent Alliance Francais building, which is located in Ikoyi. It is the biggest and best such facility that blends modern innovative and classy design with the traditions of the past, according to the sources.

This scenic upgraded Chateau-style Alliance Francaise means more Nigerians can learn about French culture and language in Lagos, the commercial capital. This is a welcome development which is bound to promote greater interaction between Nigeria and France and expand business opportunities, cultural exchange and employment.

The Alliance Francaise Foundation is the premier cultural organisation in the world, founded on 21 July 1883, it now has 800 local associations in about 133 countries. It is supported by grants from the French Government and the generosity of patrons, including its founding fathers who are notable Frenchmen like the scientist, Louis Pasteur, the publisher, Armand Colin and writers, Jules Verne and Ernest Renan.

The renovated building, which is a villa, now has new additions which have transformed it almost completely. There are spectacular alterations done to the amphitheatre and the internal auditorium to give it a touch of timeless elegance.

The Lagos accommodation has been improved, increased and enhanced, and sure to provide guests with an unforgettable experience.