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Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 7, 2019


Tunisia has banned the niqab veil in ‘public institutions’. Under the new rules, people wearing the Muslim face covering will not be allowed to enter government buildings.

Tunisian Prime minister Youssef Chahed has brought in the new measure ‘for security reasons’, his office said.

Chahed signed a circular on Friday ‘banning access to public administrations and institutions to anyone with their face covered’, a spokesman said.

The ‘security reasons’ were not explained, but Tunisia has been rocked by a series of explosions in recent days.

On Tuesday a wanted militant blew himself up in the capital Tunis after being surrounded by police.

Aymen Smiri was the suspected mastermind behind two bombings in the city on June 27, which killed a police officer and injured eight people.

The attacks prompted Britain to update its travel advice for tourists and warn of a ‘higher risk’ of attacks in Tunisia.

Tunisia’s interior minister instructed police in February 2014 to step up supervision of the wearing of the niqab as part of anti-terrorism measures, to prevent its use as disguise or to escape justice.

Akeem ReachnaijaJuly 1, 2019

A Black British woman from london, Monifa Phillips becomes the first black woman to graduate from University Of Glasgow with a PhD in Physics. Gistvic Reports.

Monifa was celebrated by friends, family and twitters users as they congratulated her.

She wrote:

“This week I was the very first black woman to graduate from the Uni of Glasgow with a PhD in Physics.
I’m a proud Black British woman from LDN. I made space for myself in a predominantly white, male field. It was hard, but with the support of my family & my community, I did it.”

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 28, 2019


He is the controversial Brazilian president who has promised zero tolerance on the country’s pervasive drugs trade – but it seems Jair Bolsonaro will need to start with his own entourage.

A member of his official military detail has been arrested en route to this week’s G20 summit in Japan – after being found with some 39kg of cocaine.

The Brazilian Air Force officer was detained during a stopover in Seville, Spain.

“The serviceman was found to have cocaine in his hand baggage that weighed a total of 39kg,” a spokesperson for the Guardia Civil said. “He was arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking and is currently in custody at our Seville headquarters waiting to appear before a judge.”

He was later named as 38-year-old Sergeant Silva Rodrigues by the Brazilian TV network RecordTV.

The plane – an advance flight ahead of Mr Bolsonaro’s own journey – was carrying a military delegation tasked with protecting the president during the summit in Tokyo.

Mr Bolsonaro confirmed the arrests in a statement on Tuesday, saying he had been informed of the incident by the country’s defence minister.

Jair Bolsonaro pulls Brazil from UN pact designed to protect migrants He said: “I immediately ordered the defence minister to cooperate with Spanish police to establish the facts and cooperate with every stage of the investigation, and to launch an investigation by the military police.

“There are around 300,000 men and women in the armed forces who are trained to uphold the highest principles of ethics and morality.

“If the airman is found to have committed a crime, he will be tried and convicted according to the law.” Speaking to reporters in Brasilia on Wednesday, vice-president Hamilton Mourao appeared to assume the officer’s guilt. “It’s obvious that, given the amount of drugs he had on him, that he didn’t just buy them around the corner and take them with him,” he said. “He was working as a qualified drug mule, let’s put it that way.”

Right-winger Mr Bolsonaro came to power in January on a promise to crack down on widespread crime in the South American country – including targeting the drugs trade. Just this month, he passed new legislation which will toughen penalties for traffickers and require users to undergo rehabilitation or face prison.

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 12, 2019

Seventeen gang members have been jailed for 117 years after undercover police made Britain’s biggest land based cocaine siezure in a dramatic swoop on the M6.

Helicopter footage shows the moment drug kingpin Jamie Simpson, 31, was arrested on the motorway near Knutsford, Cheshire, after police vehicles surrounded his Ford Transit.

Officers found 186 kilos of high purity cocaine worth an estimated £20million, hidden under the floor of the van, as well as in the passenger seat and stuffed inside boxes.

The raid was part of a covert police investigation called Operation Dreadnought into Warrington based organised crime groups lead by Simpson and Jamie Oldroyd.

Cheshire Police said the ‘gangster lifestyles’ led by the two ringleaders and gang members led to their arrests, as they flaunted their wealth.

Officers found 186 kilos of high purity cocaine worth hidden under the floor of the van.

One video (pictured) filmed on a phone showed Oldroyd and another gang member counting out an estimated £150,000 in cash on a coffee table where Rolex watches were seen.

Akeem ReachnaijaJune 6, 2019


When Donald Trump visited UK Prime Minister Theresa May  yesterday , Larry, “the very” important cat that lives at Number 10, took a lie down underneath the US President’s car –––Meaning the $1.5m armoured high-tech Beast, that is kitted out with bullet-proof windows and puncture resistant tyres, couldn’t leave Downing Street.

The cat, well known as Number 10’s official mouser, is 12-years-old and his antics have become well-known around Westminster.


Akeem ReachnaijaJune 6, 2019

US Customs and Border Protection officers at Baltimore Airport have seized over $15,000 of undeclared cash from a Nigerian couple at the airport.

The Nigerians, according to reports, arrived from London but failed to declare the exact amount of money they had with them.

US Customs seize $15,860 undeclared cash from Nigerian couple

The couple had reported to CBP officers that they possessed $15,000. However, officers discovered an additional $5,850 in the woman’s purse.

The officers seized the $20,850 and then released $4,990 to the couple as humanitarian relief. The officers also released the couple to continue their visit, saving them from criminal prosecution.

The Nigerians were not identified in a press statement issued on Tuesday.

US Customs said it is perfectly legal to carry large sums of currency in or out of the United States.

However, federal law requires that travellers who possess $10,000 or more in currency or other monetary instruments must report it all to a CBP officer at the airport, seaport, or land border crossing when entering or leaving the country.

Customs and Border Protection officers are highly trained to uncover illicit activity and they are committed to enforcing the laws of the United States.

“Customs and Border Protection officers are highly trained to uncover illicit activity and they are committed to enforcing the laws of the United States,” said Casey Durst, CBP’s Field Operations Director in Baltimore.

“Unreported currency often can be proceeds from alleged illicit activity, or used to fund transnational criminal organisations and I commend our officers on this interception”.

CBP recently issued travel tips for international travel through BWI. Chiefly among those tips is for travellers to truthfully report all currency they possess to a CBP officer during inspection.

Consequences for violating U.S. currency reporting laws are severe; penalties may include seizure of most or all of the traveler’s currency, and potential criminal charges.

CBP uses a variety of techniques to intercept narcotics, unreported currency, weapons, counterfeit consumer goods, prohibited agriculture, and other illicit products, and to assure that global tourism remains safe and strong.

On a typical day, CBP seizes an average of about $290,000 in unreported or illicit currency along the nation’s borders.