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adminreachOctober 19, 2017


It has been a while we enjoyed the friendship between Nigerian top superstars Wizkid and Davido. Yes, there was a time however  that the two young men made us proud not just with their tunes and voices but also with their friendship!

However, things turned sour between them and despite every effort, nothing has remained the same ever since!

Despite not knowing the real cause of the beef between these men, they have refused to mend the broken fence between them and relate like friends, brothers and colleagues.

In the last couple of weeks, several events have shown us that these stars are still at loggerheads and far from being friends!

On Davido’s short trial: With Davido losing a number of friends and facing persecution from the media and the police, his true friends and loyal colleagues reached out to him one way or the other to show their support and belief in him, but not a word from the camp of Wizkid on the matter!

 Wizkid’s legendary performance in London: Only few celebrities did not celebrate the iconic performance of Wizkid at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Colleagues in the music and movie industry could not help but give kudos to Starboy for the achievement, no thumbs up from Davido in anyway!

Social media enemies; The gleam of hope we might have dwelled on what would have been the fact that the stars follow each other on their social media platforms but even that is a mirage!

Felabration Performance: Now we have a feeling that Davido pulling out of Felabration could have more to do with personal reasons than the death of his friends. Recall that Wizkid was scheduled for the grand finale while Davido was scheduled for days before. Could Davido have felt slighted?

Well, all we want is for these fathers, to grow up, kiss, make up and face the future!

adminreachOctober 19, 2017

 Nigerian Rapper, Eva Alordiah has urged ladies to have the habit of smelling their cookie, just so they can know if they’re healthy down there or not.

The rapper, via a post she made on Social media, revealed to her fans that she smells hers once everyday… and it has failed nonetheless to smell of something.

“Everyday, Without fail, I smell my vag-ina. today she smelled of nothing”, wrote the rapper, who recently broke her engagement to her boyfriend, Caesar.

So, there you have it ladies! Have the habit of smelling your cookie at least once everyday, so you won’t be embarrassed one day!

adminreachOctober 19, 2017

Nollywood actor, Sam Anyamele, never thought that film acting would become his primary means of livelihood someday. As a teenager, acting was just his favourite pastime.

The actor, in an interview, revealed that although his passion for the arts and entertainment was nurtured through music, by the time he had left secondary school his eyes were already fixed on starting a career in music.

He could play the guitar very well and  had, at different times, had short stints with different music bands around Lagos, including the popular DKB band – well-known for backing up most of the popular musicians in the country.

Also, Anyamele used to play in Sammy Needle’s band as a bass guitarist and backup singer.

Going down memory lane, he said, “My contemporaries were people like Mike Aremu, Wole Oni and Kunle Odutayo. Wole, Kunle and I used to be in the same band. I have forgotten the name of the band,

“At a point, I wanted to join Femi Kuti’s Afrobeat band as a guitarist, but the Christian in me couldn’t cope with the kind of lifestyles that members of the band led. I couldn’t imagine myself performing on stage alongside half-unclad female dancers.

“I just couldn’t bring myself to play in such a band where people smoked a lot. I felt that, as a member of the Assemblies of God Church, I shouldn’t be seen in that kind of company,” he said. And that was long before he decided to focus on film acting.

Like most people, he was lured into film acting by the prospect of getting rich, getting famous and enjoying a glamorous lifestyle. But he did not get a break until he joined the cast of Wale Adenuga’s Superstory.

Ayamele was on the set of a new movie in Lagos last week. The film, tentatively titled, Mistake of a Night, is currently in the post-production stage. But it appears that his involvement in the work-in-progress was all about staying relevant in the fast-growing movie industry, which has evolved considerably over the last two decades.

To keep up the appearances, the actor had to squeeze out time from his tight schedule as a postgraduate student and graduate assistant at the University of Lagos, Akoka Campus to do this.

He explained why he decided to stay off the screen for a while and go back to school. “I have always thought about the next phase of life. So when I discovered in Nollywood that decisions were generally driven by sentiments and prospective actors were given roles on a movie simply on the basis of their looks, I decided that it was not the kind of place I should depend on for the rest of my life. As a pragmatic Nigerian, I had to think seriously about doing other things,” he said.

Also, recalling a certain period in the history of Nollywood when film marketers and distributors, who were also the major financiers of the movie industry at the time, decided to punish some popular actors and actresses by ‘banning’ them from participating in movie productions, he said, “That was when my fears about Nollywood were confirmed and I made up my mind not to tie my future to the industry.”

Still reflecting on the weaknesses inherent in the movie industry, Anyamele added, “I found out that many of those who made decisions for the industry, who spoke to the government on our behalf in those days, were not really core practitioners. That encouraged me to go back to school and get more education.”

Anyamele’s talent extends to drama productions, a surprisingly difficult terrain for many so-called screen idols in Nigeria. But he claims to be as comfortable when acting on stage as he is behind the cameras.

adminreachOctober 19, 2017

Billionaire Real Estate developer, Sijibomi Ogundele aka Sujimoto is looking to settle down soon and is in search of the lucky lady.
He took to his IG page to say he hopes to find true love before Christmas and when he does, the lady will get a house in Banana Island and a Rolls Royce. Ladies, are you interested? Send him a DM now!

Ladies get in here! Billionaire real estate developer Sujimoto is looking for true love & wants to give the lucky lady a house in Banana Island & Rolls Royce before Christmas

adminreachOctober 19, 2017


Footballer extraordinaire, Lionel Messi brought his sons Thiago and Mateo to the Barcelona training pitch before the Champions League clash with Olympaicos at Camp Nou on Wednesday. Lionel Messi’s children were involved in a training session – where the Argentine forward posted a snap of the duo.

 His eldest son Thiago, four, can be seen pulling a funny face, while one-year-old Mateo just lets it all wash over him. Messi captioned the photo;  ‘Annoying the little brother‘.



adminreachOctober 19, 2017

Big Brother Naija presented a platform to the contestants who participated in it, but while some have gradually faded from the spotlight, some have kept going higher.


Bisola Ayeola left the BB Naija house as the first runner up.The single mother of one who was already a known entertainer seemed to have increased in fame.

She won the “ONE CAMPAIGN” task prize while in the house which saw her speak at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The actress also got signed to record label, Temple Music under which she released a song alongside Jeff. Bisola who is definitely going higher did not forget her comedy skits which shot her to limelight as she launched her own YouTube channel where she still uploads entertaining videos. The hardworking lady’s slogan is ‘Na the work wey we dey do’.

1. TBoss

Tboss finished from Big Brother Naija as the second runner-up and since then she had been one of the most sought after ex housemate. She has landed so many endorsements, one with an E-commerce Firm, another with Shirleys Confectionary in Abuja and the latest in one with Instant Pickup. She has also gotten some scripts to act in movies and has been the face of many magazines.

3. Debie-Rise

Debie-Rise’s career shot to limelight after she came out as third runner up in the BB Naija competition even though she had previously participated in a talent show and had a few singles already

She got celebrated in her state, Kogi, where she got to visit the first lady of Kogi State and also commissioned a bore hole with her. She also paid a visit to the governor and entertained him with her guitar. She has released several songs and music videos just as she teamed up with fellow housemate, Bassey for a single, Joy &Pain.

She also went on a tour to Dubai not long ago where she had a blast and has also been touring various states within the country.

4. Efe

 Big Brother Naija 2017 winner, Efe Ejeba won the N25 Million cash prize alongside several privileges. After the show, Efe has gone on to release several songs , including ‘Based On Logistics‘ , ‘Somebody’ and ‘Mercy is a bad girl’ after which he released the visuals to Based on Logistics. He has also visited an orphanage homes with lots of goodies to give back to the community.

He was also spotted on the set of a movie with Helen Paul And Mr Ibu.

5. Thin Tall Tony

Former Big Brother Nigeria housemate, Anthony Effiong, popularly known as ThinTallTony was one of the most creative people in the BB Naija House known for his dance skills. After his elimination from the show starred in a couple of stage productions, Dance and Drama.

The tall and handsome man has also modelled for various brands and have been invited to several states in the country. His latest plan of action is to host a dance concert aimed at promoting the growth of dance.

6. Miyonse

Miyonse is not left out as he signed a contract with Maxima Media group which would further boosted his career as a chef. The chef added another feather to his illustrious cap after bagging another endorsement deal with retail giant Payporte. Asides that, he runs his cooking business and also goes about his ambassadorial duties.

7. Uriel

After BB Naija, Uriel can be said to be the busiest ex-housemate as she has been up to one thing or the other. So after her eviction, she was announced as a Payporte Fashion Ambassador alongside Miyonse and Soma.

She also is the latest brand ambassador of Nexus appliances where she would be hosting her cooking show. She also got appointed a s carnival ambassador by the Governor of her state, Imo.

Uriel who was greatly loved for her diary sessions during her stay in the BB Naija house also launched her vlog where she intends to keep fans updated with what’s going on with her.

adminreachOctober 19, 2017

Before the fame of ‘Bodak Yellow’ changed her life, rapper Cardi B was a reality star on Love & Hip Hop and she made it known on the show that she was dating a guy named Tommy – who was serving time in jail – reportedly in connection with credit card fraud.
They reportedly broke up, and Cardi B moved on with her life. She’s now famous with a big music career and dating Migos’ Offset.

Tommy has however been released from Jail and MediaTakeOut claims that he wants to have a ‘talk’ with Cardi’s boyfriend Offset – since he still has feelings for her.

adminreachOctober 19, 2017

Nigerian singer, Davido sure got eyes for hot women. His second baby mama, Amanda showed off her banging body 6 months after she welcomed their daughter, Hailey.

David welcomed his 2nd daughter, Hailey Adeleke on the 9th of May 2017 in Atlanta.

Nigerian singer, Davido’s second baby mama, Amanda has already adapted to the role of motherhood after she took to her Snapchat account to lament on her new found role.

The US based lady revealed that she employed the use of technology to help pacify her daughter, Hailey.

However, Hailey prefers her mother’s touch and doesn’t not like the substitute pacifier.