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adminreachOctober 19, 2017


The Nigerian young lady allegedly put on sale by her ex-boyfriend on OLX, has reacted. In a post shared via her Instagram page, she denied this – insisting that it was a close friend/former hostel roommate that put up her picture as a joke. She also claims to have been aware of it, releasing a screenshot of the supposed WhatsApp chat they had about it to back it up.

See the initial post on OLX below.

adminreachOctober 19, 2017


Report shows that rapper Drake and supermodel Bella Hadid have been secretly dating for four months.

This comes after the Canadian rapper threw Bella Hadid a lavish 21st birthday bash at Socialista lounge in New York City last week.

Read the report below.

They “have been secretly dating since June,” a source reveals.

Since Drake threw her the party, “Bella has fallen even harder” for the rapper, says the source. “She thought it was so romantic. It started out casual, but they’re definitely serious [now]. They’ve been meeting up and going out for romantic dinners.

Drake, 30, first met Bella back when she was dating The Weeknd, 27. After the duo’s November 2016 split, “Bella was getting over her ex and wasn’t interested in Drake,” the source says, “but that soon changed when Drake turned on the charm and wooed her with romantic gestures, including expensive jewelry and flowers.”

“After having such a public relationship and breakup with The Weeknd,” the source explains, “Bella wants to keep her new relationship on the down low.”

Drake and Bella have known each other for years even before her modeling career became a success. In 2014 they were pictured with her sister Gigi, who dates Zayn Malik.

Drake and Bella Hadid have reportedly been secretly dating since June

adminreachOctober 19, 2017


In an emotional post on her IG page this morning, Tonto Dikeh revealed what life was like for her as a newbie in Lagos 10 years ago and how she betrayed a helper/close friend  because of her ex-husband, Churchill. She wrote:

Happy birthday to a super sweet person, A lady with a golden heart..
Our story fast forward 10years ago..
I came into Lagos with my bags to start a new life as a SUPER GREAT CELEBRITY with little or no money in my pocket…
I struggled but it was all fun and exciting because it was a life I never knew..Excited I finally left HOME?? And my birth city.

I met this young lady who opened up her home and life to me..She lived in Mende, a little one room apartment but it was our heaven..We made mad plans there,We cried together, laughed together,got broke,famous and successfully rich together..You never for one day complained about how we miss used your clothes or home or ate your food without contributing to it smh.

Folake I still sit and ponder what kind of woman you truly are…You did all of this and much more and today I can only feel so much shame that when it was my turn to be a true friend like you were I betrayed that love because if a man.

I asked you to leave my home because I was too ashamed to let you see that after marriage I was housing a man…I knew you needed me more but I thought I was doing the right thing(How cld I have knew any better)…

I remember how you begged me, knelt down, cried and prayed with me when I told you I was pregnant with king and I had no intentions of been a mother..You spoke to me just like a true sister and God sent,you told me king wld be the greatest love I wld feel…Ever since that day I loved King,kept him and today am a mom and a Great one cos God used you to save us.

I guess this story is to properly say I adore you,I love you,And I respect you and to tell you AM SO SORRY FOR ALL THE PAINS AND HURT I CAUSED YOU IF I EVER DID..I pray and wish you all the greatest things life has to offer..You deserve the world and if I had it I wld truly spit it up with you..

Am so happy for you,your success,your Life,your kids and everything that concerns you… Folake thank you for being such an awesome woman and letting God use you countless times to make me a GREAT PERSON.

Folake may my God elevate and catapult you into you next realm of glory.
Happy birth my Aboro,My Daba Daba,My Oyibo Albino??
Love you so much from your SON KING & I?