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adminreachOctober 20, 2017


Actress Toyin Abraham, has opened up on her relationship and career in a new interview.

Recall she was once married to actor Adeniyi Johnson, the actress who admitted the end of the marriage caused her so much pain she resorted to alcohol and drugs and said along the line she found help within.

“At a point, I realised that I didn’t love myself enough and I wanted the people around me to love me. Also, I found that all the while I chose to please other people before pleasing myself. And I was focusing on the things that did not matter,” she said.

“I didn’t plan for a broken home, I didn’t plan for a broken marriage. After my marriage, there was so many negativity and I was emotionally carried away. I realised I didn’t love myself and I wanted people around to love me.
I didn’t focus on things that really mattered. I was focusing on things that don’t matter and I always choose people before me.”

“I did not love myself enough. I was losing touch with things that used to work for me because I was involved with negative habits like drugs, smoking, and codeine.All these things were empowering my negative energy. So I had to stop.”

“I realised I deserved more. I focus more on bigger pictures. I decided to change my team and few people around me and I decided to change my habits.I stopped doing a lot of things. A lot of bad things that brings out the negative energy in me.”

“I didn’t heal before jumping into another relationship but I thought I was going to be healed by another relationship.
”I sought for help. I changed some people and friends around me and I stopped my negative habits.
The battle is 100% over. I have lived my past behind I’m looking forward to the future.
I’ll let everything that happened in the past be in the past. That’s why I agreed to change my name. I’m in the future. I thank God for giving me another chance.”

adminreachOctober 20, 2017


Below is an interesting write up by comedian, Seyi Law.


If you are of my generation and dreaming of sending your children to school so they can come out and look for jobs, you are living in the past with no thoughts of the future. In another 60 years, many jobs will be taken over by ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE robots and if you are not an entrepreneur or an incredibly needed brain, only God knows what will happen.

Technology is moving at a fast pace and we are not even developing our human capacity to meet the demands. Telecommunications companies are sub letting jobs to foreigners in areas our citizens are most qualified. These foreigners are cutting corners and embarrassing us with poor services, but we find it difficult to sack them because secrets are already let loose in their hands.
A computer science graduate who never saw a desktop in the laboratory is been told to produce a laptop. Of course, he did by simply gathering information on Google replicating another’s idea without self development or hunger to do something different. We had better start tackling our hurdles of failures now before time elapse.
Your President can’t register himself on Twitter and you expect him to be a champion of the revolution of REDHAT. Integrity without INTELLIGENCE is STUPIDITY. I am sorry, it is crude, but that is what it is. A man with integrity surrounded by intelligent people will be cheated without his knowledge. If you think I am lying, ask Jonathan and when you are done there, ask BUHARI. Nigeria will be great and my hairs will not be grey before the explosion of our greatness will be visible.

adminreachOctober 20, 2017


A star of hit TV show The Voice has been shot dead by her estranged husband in what police say is a murder-suicide.
Talented songstress San Sreylai, 23, was gunned down and killed at a beauty clinic in the upscale Boeung Keng Kang market neighbourhood of Cambodian capital Phnom Penh.

Officers say the gunman is believed to be her ex husband, named as 53-year-old customs official Chey Rin, who then turned the gun on himself.

Footage from a security camera has since been uploaded online which purports to show Sreylai talking to Rin in the entrance to the clinic just moments before her death.
She appears to turn away before she is shot, with the gunman then turning the gun on himself. Family and friends have since come out to say the relationship was aggressive, with Rin often abusive. It is reported that the pair have two young sons.
Sreylai’s sister San Kongkea said: “They separated when she entered The Voice Cambodia – the relationship become worse and worse because he is a jealous guy.”

adminreachOctober 20, 2017


2Baba is undisputedly one of the most dedicated musician this generation is blessed with. With over hundred singles and collaborations, the singer has solidified his position as a pop icon.

His Buckwyld n Breathless concert holds this weekend and 2Baba  share a few details on the event and talk about his music in an interview.

During the fifteen minute interview, the singer was asked to disclose his favourite song of all time. It proved to be a difficult task as he visibly struggled to choose a single one.

Well his pick was Dance in the rain. Not the revered African Queen.

The song was on the 2012 Away and Beyond album while the official video was released in 2014.