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adminreachOctober 19, 2017

Upcoming Nigerian singer Klassic has reshared an Instagram post where he warned Davido of an impending danger.

On September 22, days before Davido lost his friend, Tagbo, Klassic reached out to the singer on Instagram to warn that “something very terrible is about happening to one of his big fan”.

Singer Klassic reportedly reached out to Davido on Instagram warning him about an impending tragedy days before he lost his friends

No one paid heed to his message but now that Tagbo is dead and Davido was questioned by police, Klassic has reshared the post, claiming that he foresaw the tragedy in a dream.

Singer Klassic reportedly reached out to Davido on Instagram warning him about an impending tragedy days before he lost his friends

adminreachOctober 19, 2017

Police have arrested a Muslim cleric in connection with the murder of ‘Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian’ who was killed after posting racy pictures online. 

Social media star Qandeel Baloch, 26, was strangled last July and her brother Muhammad Waseem confessed to the killing.

His case has yet to go to trial in the central city of Multan and police have today arrested a high-profile mullah over his alleged role in the murder. Baloch shot to fame for her provocative selfies – tame by Western standards, but which polarised the conservative Muslim country.
Her death reignited calls for against against so-called ‘honour killings’.

Prosecutors had been urging the court to also indict the cleric, Mufti Abdul Qavi, and he was arrested on Wednesday.

His phone records showed he had been in touch with Waseem after he was embroiled in controversy with Baloch earlier last year.

He was sacked from his position on a government committee and rebuked by a religious affairs council after Baloch released pictures of herself with him in a hotel room weeks before her murder, wearing his hat and pouting.

She later called Qavi a ‘blot on the name of Islam’ and accused him of inappropriate behaviour. She said at the time: ‘I thought I would expose him as he is in reality. He is a different person alone and different when he has his followers around him.

Prosecutor Ziaur Rehman told the judge that Qavi’s phone records showed he had been in contact with Baloch’s brother Waseem and cousin Haq Nawaz, accused by police of being an accomplice, before the murder.

On Wednesday a Multan court revoked Qavi’s bail and ordered his arrest. Qavi, who has denied any role in the killing, briefly fled the court, but was taken into custody by police later in the day.

Senior police official Fahad Ahmad confirmed the arrest and said that police were investigating Qavi.

adminreachOctober 19, 2017


Kevin Hart is turning his sex tape scandal into a big joke that will ultimately make him richer, but his partner on the tape isn’t laughing,

In the new promo for Kevin’s upcoming “Irresponsible” comedy tour, he openly takes shots at himself for getting caught in bad situations — such as the Las Vegas hotel room sex tape with Montia Sabbag.

The spot, which started airing this week, is a slap in Montia’s face … according to her attorney, Lisa Bloom. She says both she and Montia find Kevin using the scandal “very distasteful” because Montia’s enduring social media hacks, death threats and slut-shaming.Bloom says, “This stuff takes a toll mentally and physically, and now with this tour it’s like this whole thing was a joke.”

She adds Montia will continue working with cops tracking down the extortionists.

adminreachOctober 19, 2017

The mentally ill man who was once arrested for stalking Ivanka Trump has transferred his obsession to Kim Kardashian, claiming she is his ‘baby mama’ and is being ‘trapped’ by the ‘gay men’ inside her Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor.
In court papers obtained, WME alleges Justin Massler, 35, left threatening voice messages to a senior executive earlier this month, saying: ‘talk down to me and I will blow your f***ing brains out of your skull and you will see motherf***er.’

In another message, he’s heard demanding to see the reality star saying: ‘I’m the real Jason Bourne, and if you try to take me on, and Kim Kardashian trapped, you’re gonna see some major f***ing pain, because “no” is not an acceptable answer for me, you got it?

‘The answer is I can see Kim Kardashian or who the f**k do I have to take the f**k down to see her. No is not an answer for me.’

According to the agency, Massler has been harassing the company over the past six months, but the threats became increasingly alarming in October.

Massler, who has been jailed for stalking other celebrities, has been contacting the agency by phone, email, and even appeared at the WME building to drop off a letter earlier this month.

WME security escorted Massler out of the lobby.

When contacted by the agency’s attorneys about the restraining order, Massler told the lawyer that the company’s security personnel ‘f***ed with the wrong person.’

He also explained he wanted to get Kardashian ‘out’ because he believes she is ‘trapped’ by WME.

‘He stated that he is her ‘baby daddy’ and that Ms Kardashian is his ‘baby mama’ and that no one, including anyone at WME, can stop him from seeing her,’ court documents read.When asked if he would attending the court hearing, he replied: ‘I’m Jesus Christ and if I feel like coming, I will.’